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Admission Rules

Admission Rules for Bachelor's Degree Programmes (2016/2017)

Online Application for Admission Examination 2016/2017
Application Period: 11/01-19/02/2016


Exemption from Taking Admission Examination Subjects

Application Period: 11/01-03/02/2016


Preferential Admission Scheme for Admission Examination Candidates (2016/2017)

Application Period: 11/01-26/02/2016

Applicants should submit their applications for "Preferential Admission Scheme" via online application system.

NOTICE: Applicants applying for Preferential Admission Scheme also have to successfully complete all the application procedures within the application period of Admission Examination (11/01-19/02/2016).


UM Outstanding Student-Athletes Admission Award Scheme

The "UM Outstanding Student-Athletes Admission Award Scheme" aims to praise student-athletes who accomplish remarkable sports achievement and to encourage them to pursue higher academic qualifications while continue to make breakthrough in their sports, so that they can become outstanding student-athletes who excel in both academic and sports. Successful applicants will be granted scholarship through the scheme.

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Application Period: 11/01-29/02/2016

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