It is not an exaggeration to say that a residential college which has an excellent team of student leaders has a good chance of being an excellent college. Their lively participation and contributions to college life are essential to the spirit of a academic community. Hence, the College Management sets up a number of student leader positions for the whole college as well as for each floor.

The structure of student organizations in PJC is simple but functionally differentiated. The House Association (HA) is the leading agency formed by three elected executives and five nominated Working Groups Chairs. They principally take charge of coordinating events and activities for the whole college, and represent our students' voice.

Resident Tutors (RT) are appointed by the College Management in order to support the pastoral care work. They are responsible for building solidarity of the whole floor, helping residents in need, and taking care of the well being of the whole floor as a community. Candidates for RT positions should be post-graduate students with good academic results, plus experiences in organizing student activities and mentoring junior students.

There are a number of experienced staff and university academics who will act as advisors to the House Association. The Executive will be directly advised by the Chief of Student Development and the Full-Time Resident Fellow. Each working group will have an advisor either from the full-time staff of the College or one of the College Fellows who have already been appointed.

Student leader development is one of the concerns of the College Management. The College Management does provide pastoral care and support for student leaders in forms of individual mentoring, group sessions, and formal training sessions. For example, Leadership Camp 2010, Joint College Orientation for Student Leaders 2011, and counseling skills sessions were provided to support our student leader development.