Each WG should involve an appropriate number of ordinary College members. Individuals can volunteer or be invited to be permanent members of the WG. Alternatively the Working Group may co-opt students to help organize specific events on a one-off basis. The number of students involved will be determined by the scope and type of activity organized by the WG..

Responsibilities of WG Chairs:

  • To support the Executive who are responsible for the overall HA program.
  • To take responsibility for activities organized in the assigned area.
  • To make sure the WG is well-organized and functional.
  • To invite other students to participate in the organization of events as necessary.
  • To be visible in the College.


Responsibilities of WG Members:

  • To support the Chair of the WG.
  • To play a key role in the organization of the chosen events.
  • Under the leadership of the WG Chair to invite and encourage student participation in attending events and assisting in their organization.


The Short Profiles of Working Group Chairs:

Society & Community Service

Hello, I'm HUANG FENG YING, my English name is Fenix, a year-two student of gambling management. It's my honor to be the Chair of the Society & Community Service Working Group.  In my first year in PJC, I can feel the warmth of a home, gaining a lot of friendships, having great memories. In my daily life, I am very enthusiastic to participate in some volunteer activities which can give much useful experience. Personally, I think the service of community and society is so meaningful, not only the people being served will be happy, but also we can harvest a sense of satisfaction. Finally, I hope that in the coming year we will plan, organize and join a variety of college activities together which will enrich our university life.

Art and Culture

Hello, I am Joe. I come from Macau. I am a local student. As the chair of Art and Culture working group, I aims at building an environment for promoting arts and culture to all the PJCers. More importantly, I am going to let the PJCers learn the cultures of the world, and of course including the local culture. I am also a PRSA, a president and members of other societies in UM, so you can ask me anything about  UM if you have questions.

Social Activities

Hello, my name is Yeung Ning Kit, Hayden. I am the Chair of Social Activity Working Group. Someone may ask what our group would do. Our group mainly develops a platform for students to communicate with each other. This platform is really important as students will need to face different kinds of people in society. On basis, I develop a platform for them to train the skills. For me, I have a wide range of interests, from active to inactive. When I have time, I would like to do exercises. In other time, I read books every day. However, it is not a main reason to be the chair. The main reason is that I hope I can help students develop their communication skills. Another reason is that I love to hold big events and holding big event is a part of this group so it can fulfill my hope.

Sports and Health

Hello everybody! I am Andy, the Chair of Sports & Health Working Group. People in PJC always call me Xiao Niu. I am a year two student, and major in accounting. I am a person who has strong passion for life, and I love sports deeply. I like basketball, running, table tennis and so on. Sports bring me a lot of fun and make me feel full of energy. I hope our group can bring happiness and energy to the students in PJC, and strengthen our friendship. At the same time, I want to lead a healthy way of life in PJC and help students stay healthy and keep fit. We look forward to seeing everyone in the college participates in our activities and enjoy the happiness and energy in doing sports.


I Am Weicky, The chair of Communication Group. I come from Department of Chinese Language and Literature. My passion in words, lives and my attitude help me to search my direction and value on the way of growing. I believed that millions of possibilities can take place among interpersonal communication. I believed that communications should base on friendliness and care. I believed that PJC will be always cheerful and happy. Finally, I hope we all enjoy ourselves in the coming year and burn brighter than stars.