The three executives: President, Vice-President, and the Secretary, and two officers of the HA are responsible to oversee and coordinate the planning, operation and implementation, and evaluation of the student activities by the subordinated working groups. They also hold regular meetings with the Working Group Chairs for planning and reviewing the operation. The election of HA Executives usually held in April of each year.

Working Groups take charge of organizing activities and coordinating interest groups in these five areas, Art & Culture, Community & Social Services, Communication, Sports and Health, Social Activity. Each working group recruits core members at the outset of new academic year, and so they can conduct their plan and events in concert with the college staff.

The HA has a number of important responsibilities in the College which can be summarized as follows:

  • To take a major role in the building of a positive community ethos.
  • To provide a varied program of events for college members across a wide variety of spheres, academic and intellectual.
  • To cater for the diverse needs of the College student body.
  • To act as an advisory body to the Master and staff of the college.
  • To represent the student voice in the College.
  • To ensure that the College has a visible presence in the university as a whole.
  • To encourage all College members to participate in college activities.
  • To ensure that activities and events organized in the College are in tune with general UM policy and in good taste.

The Short Profiles of HA Executives:

(sitting): Esther Ku, Hester Liang, Hayden Yeung, Andy Niu, Joe Mok, Ben Yeung, Weicky Ieong, Finix Huang (sitting): Charlie Fong, Jim Feng, Hazel Huang


The President: Mr Jim Feng

Hi, I am Jim, the President of the House Association and a year-two student majoring in Government and Public Administration. I have a lot of hobbies, such as basketball, tennis and a Chinese board game called Go. It is a pleasure for me to live with people from different places in PJC. Here we gain friendship, love and lots of touching moments. No matter where we will be in the future, the experience is worth cherishing for our whole life.

The Vice-President: Miss Charlie Fong

Hello everyone, I am Charlie Fong, the Vice-President of the House Association in PJC. I am a year-two student majoring in Chinese Education. I love reading and writing down thoughts about my life. I am optimistic, cheerful and sincere to people. Professor Watt called me Happy Charlie affectionately because I always smile. If you ask me where of happiness in my university life comes from, I will answer Pearl Jubilee College undoubtedly. PJC is like our Aladdin's lamp and Doraemon's treasure bag. Here, we can make our dreams come true, we can make friends, we can feel the warmth of a home, and we can rely on others. In the coming year, we will dedicate to PJC and make our PJC full of happiness with love. Dear PJCers, let us fight for our dream together!

Secretary: Miss Hazel Huang

Hello, I am Hazel Huang, a second year student majoring in Psychology. I have made a lot of friends who come from different areas in Pearl Jubilee College. Here, we look as if siblings in a warm family. We open our hearts to each other and we have opportunities to know each other. Living in PJC makes me believe that friendship and trust can be last long.  I believe that everyone want to protect their dream, their home --- the PJC.  In the coming semester, despite we will meet opportunities and challenges, I believe that we can seize the opportunities, face and overcome challenges. We will fight for our family and will stay together in order to dedicate to our college.

Officer: Mr Ben Yeung

Hello, everyone. My name is Ben Yeung. I am a year-two student majoring in Business Administration as well as one of the House Association Officers in this academic year. Flashing back to my last year experience in PJC, I was still a freshman at that time. When I came to PJC at the first time I know nothing. For example, check-in procedure, course enrolment and preparing daily supplies. Fortunately, The House Association (HA) had arranged helpers for me. They gave me some guidelines on residing in PJC. That's why I want to take part in HA this year. Moreover, I want to promote an idea to the freshman that PJC is not only a place to sleep, but also a place in which they can feel care and love. Furthermore, I hope this spirit can be passed down year by year. In HA, I promise that I will try my best to create more platforms in which  all PJCers can develop different capabilities, and they can become good college students with all-round development.

Officer: Miss Hester Liang

Hello, everyone! My name is Hester, majored in Portuguese. It’s my great honor of being one of the House Association Officers in PJC this year. At the beginning of my RC life, I think that RC is full of unknowns, and I wonder if the next workshop I am going to join will interest me or just make me keep yawning. Also, will the activity I organize goes as smooth as I wish? Can I find some bosom friends among more than 200 students in PJC. However, what I learn in PJC is that RC is more like a place giving us opportunities to attempt. We don’t know what we are like until we meet friends we like and hate, and in RC, these “friends” are never absent. Through meeting and knowing them, we are able to find our new angles. In the coming year, I hope that we can organize and participate in more activities in our big family, and share each other’s joys and sorrows together.

Officer: Miss Esther Ku

Hello everyone! I am Esther, a year-three student of the English Studies major. This year I am pleased to be one of the HA officers. Stepping towards my third year in PJC, I feel heartily grateful to PJC for providing me useful experiences and opportunities, as well as attractive activities. I hereby appeal to all new members, welcome and hope you enjoy our PJC culture. I promise I will make my best effort to serve and contribute. Let's gain happiness and maturity in our big warm PJC family!