Guest of Honour: Prof Zhao (Rector)
I'm so glad that PJC's High Table Dinner provides us the chance to learn table manners and make more friends. It's really a joyful time when we tasting delicious food and talking freely. I do enjoy our High Table Dinner! (CoCo Lam)
PJC was established in the last year, and the college of the biggest feature is held once every month a large event HIGH TABLE DINNER. On that occasion, all the PJC members can have the opportunity to know each other. Everyone dresses up and participates ,also can enjoy delicious cuisine. (Erica Lok)


High-table Dinner is a formal occasion of the whole college gathering. This tradition can be traced from Oxbridge, where their senior members and guests of each college sat around the high table in the senior common room. The High-table was usually on a raised platform and at the end of the dinning room. Students and other junior members of the college had meal on other tables and listened to what professors and guests delivered in the formal speech. Attendants usually dressed in academic gowns.

PJC also have regular High-table Dinner every month. We set the tables in the Cultural Centre of UM, but will be in our own dinning hall after moved into the new campus. In each High-table dinner, we have formal speech given by honourable guests and music performance by our PJC students as parts of our intellectual and cultural nutrition. Formal dressing is required for attending High-table Dinner.

Our honourable guests in 2010-2011 are listed as follows:

  • Dr. Tse Chi Wai, Chairman of the University Council
  • Prof. Wei Zhao, Rector
  • Prof. Simon Shun-Man Ho, Vice Rector
  • Prof. Rui Martins, Vice Rector
  • Prof. Philip Chen Chun-Lung, Dean of FST
  • Prof. Jacky So Yuk Chow, Dean of FBA
  • Prof. Fan Xi Tao, Dean of FED
  • Prof. Hao Yufan, Dean of FSH
  • Prof. Michael Joseph Gift, Associate Dean of FBA
  • Prof. Liu Gaolong, FLL
  • Prof. Christopher Kelen, FSH
  • Prof. Davis Fong Ka Chio, Director of the Institute for the Study of Commercial Gaming
  • Dr. Paul Poon Wah Tung, University Librarian
  • Dr. Cheng Hing Wan, Director of Centre for Continuing Education
  • Mr Pang Chap Chong, Registrar