Resident Tutors (RT) and floor committees take the lead to arrange floor activities for the residents in one single floor and/or joint-floor in order to build up friendship, mutual support in the college environment, and the solidarity among residents. Floor activities constitute one of major endeavours of fruitful and lively college life, and of building the sense of belonging to PJC.


Only one word, excellent! I love it not only because I can see their smiling face, but also learn some precious virtues like teamwork and cooperation. Mission Impossible makes PJC as a family possible! ( Eason Li)

One of the most remarkable floor activities that I encountered was initiated by our floor members rather than me or other RTs. Several months ago, the six of us used the whole day to prepare a farewell dinner for one of our brothers. After that, the good habits of cooking for others maintained for more than a month until our brothers went back to their hometown. Even till now, I always remember the sweetness of those spicy potatoes. (Henry Lao)