Students living in residential college can have sufficient exposure to a variety of activities in different realms. The College Management, however, anticipates broadening student experiences by extending contacts with other RC in UM and other higher education institutions. The House Association of East Asia College co-organised activities such as Sports Day and English Debate Competition with the House Association of PJC in 2010/11. In addition, a group of undergraduate students from Hong Kong Baptist University visited PJC and had exchanges with our residents in June 2010. Visitation includes governmental organizations and some NGO in Macao. Through these inter-collegiate activities and exchanges, PJC students look out from the ivory tower and have better understanding to the current state of social development.



This Sports Day was the first event held by PJC and EAC together, which gave us a lot of pressure. Fortunately, the feedback of the event was positive and proved our effort. On that day, all PJC members performed hard to gain points in the Sports Day, which impressed me so much. I am so appreciated to participate in such a great event. (Edmond Leong)