Intellectual activities are one of major events in PJC, where students can expose themselves in a variety of topics and approaches to practical issues. During 2010-2011, we had more than 15 meetings in various formats such as seminar talks, workshop, camping, interest groups. In the coming years, intellectual activities will definitely be increasing in terms of number and diversity.

Selected intellectual activities in 2010-2011 are listed.

  • Leadership Training Initiatives
  • Seminar by Distinguished Leaders:
    Mr Wing-ping Wong (a retired bureau chief of the Hong Kong SAR Government)
  • Workshop for Makeup
  • Workshop of Public Speaking
  • Dinning Etiquette Workshop
  • Reading Clubs in English and Chinese Languages
  • Seminar on Wealth Management: Mr Stephen Yuen-san Wong (formerly Director of Investment of investment banks, such as Lehman Bros. and RBS)
  • Workshop on Personality Assessment (Enneagram)
  • Workshops on CV Writing and Job Interview