mmmmmSeminar on Leadership, Team Building, m mmm and Group Dynamics

Speaker: (right) Prof. Wong Wing Ping (Hong Kong Former Secretary of Commerce, Industry & Technology)

Seminar on Wealth Management

Speaker: (middle) Mr. Stephen Wong (an adjunct lecturer at the CUHK and at the HKU SPACE for the Institute for China Business)



Seminar on Voluntary Teaching Program at Sichuan

Speaker:(left) Mr. Cheong Chit (School Principal of Escolar Ilha Verda)



Workshop on Personality Assessment (Enneagram)

Speaker: (middle) Mr. Kwok-kin Yu (Director of Training at Spiritual Stepping-Stone)



Student Leaders Orientation Program: 'The Scenario: Practical Problem Solving'

Speaker: (right) Dr. Neil Rodgers (Director of Student Services at Australian Nation University)




mm Seminar on Studying Abroad in the United States: m How can I take the most advantage from my studies?

Speaker: (middle) Prof. Ming Chan (CEAS Visiting Scholar, Standford University)



Workshop on French Wine Sampling

Speaker (right standing): Mr. Roddy Ropner (Founder of Wellsprings Wines, HK)



Seminar on Leadership and Self-Discovery

Speaker: (left) Mr. Freddy Law (CEO of Inter-Cultural Education in HK)