The mission of PJC is, in line with ambitions articulated by the University of Macau's strategic plans, to develop a first-class collegiate community through which members will develop a mature understanding of personal and community issues, along with a flexible and mature global vision. College members will enrich their university experience through participation in inter-disciplinary learning. Whole person development is paramount in our thinking, and will be accomplished through involvement in a rich program of social, physical, moral, cultural and intellectual pursuits.

PJC's Vision:

To build a vibrant, healthy, collegiate community which is recognized for the following characteristics:

  • Possessing the ability to instill in its members skills for life-long learning.
  • Through a rich variety of programs introducing our members to experiences and issues outside the normal parameters of their academic discipline.
  • Building a safe environment where students can try and succeed and try and fail, both providing valuable experiences in building character.
  • Providing leadership experience and development through college structures and programs which prepare our members for a lifetime of management responsibility.
  • To be known for inclusivity, open-mindedness, flexibility, and mutual support.
  • To allow university faculty to integrate into the social fabric of the student body, unifying both groups through adventures in shared interests.