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Moon Chun Memorial College Activity:

Orientation and Rite de Passage MCMC


Moon Chun Memorial College held its fourth orientation from 8th – 10th August, 2016, for its newly appointed Student Leaders.

The College’s signature Leadership Training Programme is designed to create strong team spirit and leadership qualities among the participants. Resident Tutors (RTs), Resident Assistants (RAs) and House Association Executives (HAs) are trained as role models, and to exercise responsibility for both incoming freshmen and returning upper classmen.

The orientation began at 9:00 am at the Anthony Lau Auditorium (E4-78) with introductory remarks by the Rector, followed by a lecture and guidance from Prof. Haydn Chen, (Vice-Rector of Student Affairs), followed shortly by Mr. Paul Pang, (the newly appointed Dean of Students).

Workshops for Basic Counselling Skills were offered by SAO Staff at Fellows’ Salon in W11-G024.

The afternoon sessions began with MCM College Master, Prof. Kevin Thompson briefing the students about embodying and embracing one’s leadership skills. Resident Fellows, Dr. Ray Cheung and Dr. Rochelle Ge, explained about the student organisation structure of the college, followed by a final session of ice-breaking activities.

The agenda for the following day was an intensive delivery of interactive workshops regarding effective proposal writing, rules and regulations for students in MCMC. There were other activities delivered by MCMC office team and academic staff.

The grand finale of the two-day programme ended on a high note: MCMC Office Team and student leaders threw a surprise birthday party for Prof. Thompson to not only convey their best wishes, but also to express their sincere appreciation of his leadership and constant hard work and support for the College.