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Moon Chun Memorial College Activity:

Cultivating Student Leaders through Experiential Learning


In view of the success of leadership training camp in the first semester, Moon Chun Memorial College organized the Leadership Training Camp Phase II from 5 to 7 April 2014, at Cheoc Van Youth Hostel. The camp intended to train up a group of passionate students who are enthusiastic in helping us organize orientation programmes for freshers in August. Throughout the camp, participants enjoyed a series of educational games which were designed to provide hand-on experiences for sharpening students’ practical skills in communication and teamwork. The camp ended with a warm and sincere atmosphere during which students drafted letters to appreciate one another. It is worthwhile to note that the camp was mainly designed and implemented by five helpers: Joesphine Xie, Vanessa Yang, Andy Yin, Kerwin Yu and Johnson Zhuo who are still in their freshmen year.