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Choir of Clair College, Cambridge University

Stradivarius Piano Trio

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An Audience with Hungarian Piano Virtuoso Endre Hegedüs



Enabling a quality experience for all


Celebrated through an arts and science enriched social and ethnic community and promoted by recognising the potential of education across borders


Demonstrated through open and honest relationships

House Executive Committee 2020/21

Iris Lam


Hello I am Iris, year 3 student majoring in Communication. MCMC has given me a home away from home, and close friends who will be with me throughout my four years, and beyond. I will devote all my effort into creating the same experience for future members, and ensure every student is heard."

Bill King, Wang Zhibo


Hello, I am Bill King, year two majoring in International Integrated Resorts Management. During my previous experience in MCMC, it was not only a comfortable environment, but there were also friendly college mates who impressed me a lot. Though it’s thousands of miles away from my home, all of my dear MCMers undoubtedly created a huge family. So that’s one of the reasons that encouraged me to devote myself serving the college. I believe my team and I will stay together and try our best to create a much better MCMC.

Jennifer, Lu Jun Han


Hello, I am Jennifer, a year three student majoring in Communication. MCMC is like a big, warm family for me. So, it's my pleasure to be a member of HA and help students as much as I can. My team and I actively participated in various activities and taken everything seriously in the past. Therefore, I think we can do a good job in HA and live up to your trust. We hope to create a better college environment for you. Your support is our driving force. Hope you can have an enjoyable college life in MCMC.

Joker, Chao Hou In

Finance and Budget Control

Hello everyone I am Joker, a third-year student majoring in communication and Interpersonal Relations. MCMC is a place filled with wonderful memories, and I am sure you will enjoy living here. My team is also filled with excellent talents. Let's build a better living environment and participate in various wonderful activities together. Thank you!Even though everyday looks like the same, but each day is very different. So try and feel the life.

Helen, Geng Yi

Promotion and Advertising

Hello I am Helen, a year 3 student majoring in International Intergrated Resort Management. It is my great honor to be the Public Promoter and also be one of the five core members of HA in MCMC. Based on mutual trust, we have a tacit understanding of corporation. So I believe this new HA family will be better under our leadership. I will devote my time to this work which also makes me learn to be a responsible adult. I really hope that MCMC will be better day by day.