University Technology Transfer for Industry: Insights from CAR-T Patents

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Nome do EventoUniversity Technology Transfer for Industry: Insights from CAR-T Patents
CategoriasSeminar / Lecture
OrganizadorInstitute of Chinese Medical Sciences
Data14 Setembro 2020
Horário11:00 - 12:00
LocalZoom Webinar
ConteúdoChina has ascended to a worldwide leading position at an accelerated pace in terms of R&D funding, scientific publications, and patents in recent years, contrary to its rather few innovative drugs recognized globally. With concerns about the huge gap between weak innovative medical products and strong R&D input and “paper output”, insufficient technology transfer is considered as the key bottleneck. Meanwhile, in cutting-edge biomedical areas, an open innovation model has been established due to intrinsic demand for university-industry partnership and strong technological complexity. Taking Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy as an example, this seminar will discuss the Chinese situation, barriers and challenges, as well as possible solutions of university technology transfer.Faculty Seminar Series.png
Audiência-alvoAll are welcome
ObservaçãoZoom Webinar (all are welcome) Link: Meeting ID: 913 6500 5665

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