FHS Seminar Series - "Molecular Analysis of Cancer with Single-cell RNAseq" by Prof. John Zhong

N22-G002, Research Building

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Nome do EventoFHS Seminar Series - "Molecular Analysis of Cancer with Single-cell RNAseq" by Prof. John Zhong
CategoriasSeminar / Lecture
OrganizadorFaculty of Health Sciences
OradorProf. John Zhong
Data02 Janeiro 2019
Horário10:00 - 00:00
LocalN22-G002, Research Building
ConteúdoPersonal Information
Prof. ZHONG received his Ph.D. from University of Southern California and was a Postdoctoral fellow in NIH Human Embryonic Stem Cell Advanced Training and California Institute of Technology. He have extensive experience and specialties in single-cell molecular characterization. His laboratory is one of the pioneer-laboratories in single-cell molecular analysis with microfluidic technology.

With conventional gene expression profiling, information concerning cellular heterogeneity is often lost in the physical mixing and averaging of millions of cells. Single-cell transcriptome analysis has the potential to address these issues. Most cancer clinical samples are mixtures of normal and cancer cells. This heterogeneity becomes a hurdle for molecular analysis of cancer with bulk lysates which is a physical mixture of cancer and normal cells. Our laboratory uses a phase-switch droplet microfluidic platform and next generation sequencing to address this challenge. I will discuss the tools and methods we developed for molecular analysis of cancer cells.

For more details, please contact Prof. Chuxia DENG at cxdeng@um.edu.mo.
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