Sleep -- the most unruled class in university

E31-1002, Student Activity Center

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Nome do EventoSleep -- the most unruled class in university
CategoriasSeminar / Lecture
OrganizadorSAO-Student Counselling Section
OradorMr. Seng Hang Lei (Counsellor of University of Macau)
Data18 Outubro 2017
Horário15:00 - 16:30
LocalE31-1002, Student Activity Center
ConteúdoThere are many required courses in university, such as love, community and schoolwork. Besides, there are another required class - sleep. Why? It is because if you can live up to 90 years old, you would spend 30 years on sleeping. The key to success in life starts from having a good sleep. Do you sleep well? What happen during our 8 hours of sleep? You are welcome to enjoy this class.
Audiência-alvoUM student

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NomeMr. Seng Hang Lei
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Fax8822 2369