“The old times, when we climbed the hill together” Film Show

HG03, Ho Yin Convention Centre

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Nome do Evento“The old times, when we climbed the hill together” Film Show
OrganizadorStudent Resources and Services Section, International Film Society, UMSU
Data27 Março 2013
Horário19:30 - 21:00
LocalHG03, Ho Yin Convention Centre
ConteúdoA film, also called a movie or motion picture. This kind of art comes from our daily lives. The artists put their own feelings and experiences into their creation and making films close to our lives. The audiences learn about different lifestyles from movies and reviews their attitudes towards the world. This is where the charm of film lies.
‘You Are the Apple of My Eye' is a good reflection of today’s world. It shows the young people‘s special understanding of ‘youth’, and how they cherish their moments together. We believe that soon enough, we will all miss the wonderful time we spent along in the Taipa campus.

Audiência-alvoUM Students

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