Renowned Chinese martial arts novelist Dr. Louis Cha receives honorary doctoral degree from UM

On 13 July, 2011, the University of Macau (UM) conferred Doctor of Letters honoris causa on Dr. Louis Cha, a renowned martial arts novelist better known as Jin Yong, in recognition of his distinguished contributions to Chinese literature and culture. The award ceremony took place at the Island Shangri-La Hong Kong, attended by the UM leadership and Dr. Cha's family and his friends.

At the award ceremony, Dr. Cha received the certificate of the honorary degree from UM’s University Council Chair Dr. Tse Chi Wai representing Chief Executive of Macao SAR and UM Chancellor Dr. Chui Sai On, in the company of UM Rector Wei Zhao.  A scroll of citation handwritten in cursive style by Prof. Zhu Shoutong, head of the Chinese Department of UM, was also presented to him. In return, Dr. Cha gifted to UM a complete collection of his works.

“I really thanked UM for this title,” said Dr. Cha in his speech, adding that “actually I feel closely related to Macao – a place I’ve been to for quite a few times and a place which also houses a 'Jin Yong' library”. He also expressed a keen interest to pay a visit to UM in the future.

In the citation, Rector Zhao paid tribute to Dr. Cha's admirable achievements in Chinese literature and his promotion of Chinese culture. “In almost a uniquely Chinese way, Dr. Cha’s creative works are a grand spectacle of imagination, and with his extraordinary creativity, they display to the world the wonders of the Chinese language," Rector Zhao noted. Moreover, he was admired for his relentless effort in the pursuit of knowledge. “Even though at a senior age, Dr. Cha still in no way relaxes his effort to go toward the highest stage of education which crystallizes Chinese culture learning in the mode of western orthodox education,” Rector Zhao added. Dr. Cha’s outstanding achievements won him accolades internationally. Rector Zhao pointed out that we should learn from his incessant quest for knowledge which is a reflection of his homage to the sanctity of Chinese culture and his zeal for knowledge learning.

Finally, Rector Zhao said that in view of Dr. Cha’s extraordinary accomplishments in the fields of literature, scholastic studies and news media, it was the honor of UM to have the opportunity to confer the honorary doctoral degree of Letters on him and UM was proud to have him inducted into the community of UM as one of its members. “From now on, a relationship is forged between Dr. Cha and our University – the one which is forever striding forward,” Rector Zhao concluded.

A native of Haining, Zhejiang Province, Dr. Cha was a journalist and editor and finally a publisher. Alias Jin Yong, Dr. Cha is one of the most influential contemporary Chinese novelists and his name is almost ubiquitous in the Chinese-speaking world.

A distinguished literary writer aside, Dr. Cha is also a well-known political commentator. He is a founder of Ming Pao in Hong Kong. The editorials he wrote for the newspaper were taken seriously and commended for their sharp and critical analysis. During the late 70's and early 80’s of the last century, he also participated actively in the political affairs of Hong Kong.

The ceremony was attended by the First Vice Chair of University Council and Chair of the Honorary Degrees and Titles Committee Mr. Lei Pui Lam, University Council Treasurer Mr. Wong Chong Fat, Vice Rector (Research) of UM Prof. Rui Martins, Dean of UM's Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities(FSH) Prof. Hao Yufan, Head of FSH's Department of Chinese Prof. Zhu Shoutong, UM Registrar Mr. Paul Pang Chap Chong and Head of UM's Information and Public Relations Office Ms. Katrina Cheong. In addition, the family and friends of Dr. Cha, including Mrs. Cha, Mr. Andrew Cha, Ms. Edna Cha, Mr. Ng Wai Cheong, Ms. Cheung Man-yee, Mr. Chip Tsao, Mr. Chua Lam and Mr. Li Chunen were present to witness the conferment.

Release on 2011-07-15 11:15