Feb.24 | Mon

Campus News

UM’s Alumni Mentorship Scheme 2019 strengthens alumni-student relationship

A closing ceremony was held recently for the Alumni Mentorship Scheme, which was co-organised by the University of Macau (UM) Alumni and Development Office (ADO) and Career Development Centre. This year, 41 alumni were matched wit...

Feb.12 | Wed

Press Release

4-uni joint entrance exam and UM’s entrance exam postponed to 16-19 April 2020

To prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, the Higher Education Bureau of the Macao SAR has decided to postpone the four-university joint entrance examination for the 2020/2021 academic year to between 16 April and 19 April 2...

Feb.12 | Wed

Press Release

UM provides alternative learning options for Macao students attending college in Taiwan

As many Macao students attending college in Taiwan have been unable to resume classes because of the novel coronavirus outbreak, the University of Macau (UM) has established a task force to provide transfer assistance and free onl...

Feb.11 | Tue

Press Release

UM Video: No Pandemic Can Stop Love

The University of Macau (UM) has produced a video titled ‘No Pandemic Can Stop Love' to pay tribute to frontline medical workers.No Pandemic Can Stop LoveThis used to bea bustling citybut now everywhere is quiet because of a vir...

Feb.10 | Mon

Campus News

UM Professors Show You How to Keep Learning at Home

Although classes are suspended because of the novel coronavirus outbreak, learning need not be. UM makes sure that students keep learning amid class suspension through two online teaching platforms, UMMoodle and Zoom. Watch the vi...

Feb.07 | Fri

Press Release

UM’s Chinese medicine experts offer scientific opinions on how to protect against coronavirus

As the novel coronavirus continues to spread and takes its toll, new information with varying degrees of accuracy keeps emerging every day. To help the public gain a scientific understanding of the disease, three experts from the ...

Feb.06 | Thu

Press Release

UM students encourage frontline anti-epidemic workers via creative works

As the novel coronavirus outbreak continues to spread, in Wuhan and across China, University of Macau (UM) students are taking the initiative to show their support for the anti-epidemic campaign by creating inspirational songs, dr...

Feb.05 | Wed

Campus News

How Do You Study at Home during Class Suspension?

During the epidemic period, all University of Macau (UM) students should stay home to protect themselves from coronavirus infection. This is not only an act to care for themselves, but also considered a contribution to society as ...

Feb.04 | Tue

Campus News

UM professor produces video of indoor exercises to boost people’s immune systems during epidemic period

In order to strengthen people's immune systems during the epidemic period, Kong Zhaowei, associate dean of the University of Macau (UM) Faculty of Education (FED), and Lei On Kei, a PhD student from the faculty, have recorded a vi...

Feb.03 | Mon

Press Release

UM professional team works with government to provide psychological counselling during epidemic period

As the novel coronavirus epidemic continues to develop, the University of Macau (UM) starting today will assign a nine-member professional psychological counselling team to work with the Macao SAR government and provide mental hea...