FAH-DPORT: Seminar on "Poetry and Translation"

E21-1039, Humanities and Social Sciences Building

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Event NameFAH-DPORT: Seminar on "Poetry and Translation"
CategoriesSeminar / Lecture
OrganizerFAH-Department of Portuguese
SpeakerDai Weina
Date10 October 2019
Time19:00 - 21:00
VenueE21-1039, Humanities and Social Sciences Building
ContentShort Bio

Dai Weina is a poet, short story writer, playwright, translator, editor and scholar based in Beijing, where she works for the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. She holds an MPhil from Oxford University and a PhD from Renmin University of China, and has been a visiting fellow at Duke University. Up till 2017 she has published four poetry collections, notably Face Shield and Soul Gymnastics. Her short story collection Ganoderma Girl was published in 2013 and her play Invasion was performed in 2016. Her books of translation include Miklos Haraszti’s The Velvet Prison. She also edits Light-Year, a poetry translation magazine. Numerous awards she has won include the 2014 Xingxing Best New Poet Award, 2017 Annual Pacific Poet, the Shenzhen Annual Ten Books Award and the Sina Annual Book Award, to name a few. Her poems have been translated into English, German and Korean


Poetry and Translation《詩歌與翻譯:極少數人的共和國》

There is a famous adage in Italy, “Translator, traitor.” Some believe that translation is an art of betrayal. This saying is especially directed at poetry translation, for poetry, according to Robert Frost, is what gets lost in translation. If the mother of modern Chinese poetry is classical Chinese poetry, then its father, possibly, is poetry in translation. Through analyzing some representative cases of poetry translations, this lecture discusses some major controversies in the history of literary translation and a variety of views toward translation. By embracing poetry translation, the millennial poets rebelled against the poetic tradition since Obscure Poetry to invent their own tradition. Translation breathed new life into the contemporary Chinese poetry scene, helping poetry, a marginalized literary form, return to the everyday life of the common people.
Target AudienceAll those interested

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