UMMoodle Users Group Meeting: Getting your course set up quickly

RG-02 (Research and Development Building)

Event Information

Event NameUMMoodle Users Group Meeting: Getting your course set up quickly
OrganizerCentre for Teaching and Learning Enhancement
Date17 January 2013
Time14:30 - 15:30
VenueRG-02 (Research and Development Building)
ContentThe UMMoodle Users Group (UMMUG) provides opportunities for academic staff and teaching assistants to meet, get support, exchange ideas and provide feedback on our UMMoodle.

The first meeting on 17 January, from 2:30–3:30 p.m., will start with a 10-minute presentation on how you can get your UMMoodle course (1.9 & 2.x) set up, and the remainder of the session will be open for questions, discussions and any feedback you might wish to provide.

In addition to providing personalized support, the organizers would like to build a knowledge base for UMMoodle users. Please feel welcome to submit questions, ideas or feedback on an experimental knowledge base.

Target AudienceTeaching Staff and Teaching Assistants

Contact Person for Details

NameMr. Chris Fulton
Tel.No8397 4574