Lecture - "Where are we going to?"

HG03, Ho Yin Convention Centre, UM

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Event NameLecture - "Where are we going to?"
CategoriesSeminar / Lecture
OrganizerStudent Affairs Office
SpeakerProf. Chien Chih-Yung
Date06 December 2012
Time15:00 - 16:45
VenueHG03, Ho Yin Convention Centre, UM
ContentProf. Chien Chih-Yung is a famous physicist, specialized in High Energy Physics.He did his undergraduate work at National Taiwan University and his doctorate at Yale University.He is also the consultants of many famous universities.
Prof. Chien has a strong interest in exploring changes in societies at all levels.He travels through every county in his college years in Taiwan.That was expanded to every state in the US in the 1970's and every province in China in the 1980's.He has shared his experience in the University.He has been the Chair University Professor at National Chengchi University since 2009.

Topic: Where are we going to?
We have to make decision on various issues: the energy crisis, ecological destruction, the North-South confrontation, ethnic conflict, etc.We need to keep asking ourselves "Where are we going to?",which is also related to "Who we are and where we come from" and so as our position and relationship with the Universe.We are going to discuss on this by the recent discovery of physical sciences and the formation of the Universe.

Target AudienceAll are welcome

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