Nov.25 (Tue)

Campus visit by the delegation of Associa ção Portuguesa De Imprensa

UM Campus

Nov.25 (Tue)

8th intake of Diploma in Casino Management and 4th intake of Advanced Diploma in Gaming Management Graduation and Cheque Presentation Ceremony

E2, UM Wu Yee Sun Library, Auditorium

Nov.25 (Tue)

FSS-DHIST Guest Lecture: Macaology Lecture Series XXV: "A Reconsideration of the Western Learning during the Late Ming and Early Qing Period" by Prof. Huang Xingtao

E21-G002, Humanities and Social Sciences Building

Nov.25 (Tue)

FED Lunch Research Series IX: "The Imagined 'Global Thinker' & The Rubric: Considering Alternative Assessment & One's Potential In Education" by Dr. Brian Denman

E33-G021, Faculty of Education

Nov.25 (Tue)

Nobel Laureate Lecture: "Prospects for Global Financial Stability" by Prof. Robert F. Engle

E4-G078, Anthony Lau Building, Mr and Mrs Lau Chor Tak Lecture Theatre

Nov.25 (Tue)

FSS-DSOC Seminar: "The Burma Issue and Drug Control Situation in Golden Triangle" by Prof. Guo Bao

E21-G002, Humanities and Social Sciences Building

Nov.25 (Tue)

CKP College Seminar: "Explore the Cultural Integration of the East and the West from Macau History" by Prof. Geoffrey C. Gunn

W21, Chao Kuang Piu College, Multifunction Room