JAN, 2007

UM began to devise the 10-Year Development Strategy, including the campus development plan, with a minimum enrollment target of 10,000 students.

MAR, 2007

UM submitted several proposals for land acquisition to the SAR government but none was considered feasible due to various reasons.

MAY, 2007

The possibility of building a new campus on Hengqin Island was discussed for the first time at the Joint Meeting of the University Assembly and University Council presided over by the chief executive of Macao SAR.

JUNE, 2007

UM's senior management and University Council members went to Hengqin for site inspection.

Mid-year, 2008

The University Council submitted a proposal regarding the construction of a new campus on Hengqin Island to the SAR government.

JAN, 2009

After Vice President of the People's Republic of China Mr. Xi Jinping visited Macao, UM learned that the new campus would serve as a "pilot project" as part of a broader collaboration between Guangdong and Macao in the joint development of Hengqin.

FEB, 2009

UM successively held 21 internal and external consultation and information sessions about the new campus.

APR, 2009

After soliciting opinions from various parties, the University Council submitted a formal request to the SAR government, proposing:
1.Implementation of the judicial, financial and taxation systems of Macao SAR.
2.Maintenance of the existing governance, teaching, research and administrative systems of UM.
3. Access to and from the campus without immigration clearance.
4. Adoption of effective measures to segregate the new campus from the rest of Hengqin Island.
5. Adoption of Macao's standards for public utilities and services.

24th APR, 2009

The SAR government officially submitted to the State Council a proposal requesting the central government to approve the establishment of a new campus on Hengqin Island and to authorize the Macao SAR to exercise jurisdiction over the new campus site.

27th JUNE, 2009

The Standing Committee of the National People's Congress officially adopted the new campus bill.

20th DEC, 2009

Chinese President Hu Jintao officiated at the groundbreaking ceremony for the new campus and expressed high expectations for UM to become a world-class university. President Hu also wrote an inscription for UM that read, "Love China, love Macao, learn extensively, and practice earnestly."

NOV, 2010

New campus construction kick-off ceremony

NOV, 2011

Landmark buildings (the central library, the central classroom building and the university gallery) were topped out

19 Nov 2012

The Legislative Assembly of Macao SAR adopts a bill to authorise Macao SAR to exercise jurisdiction over the new campus.

20 July 2013

New campus comes under Macao SAR jurisdiction.

5 Nov 2013

State Council Vice Premier Wang Yang officiates at the inauguration ceremony for the new c