Course Objective

● To nourish qualified junior- and middle-level management manpower for Macao’s casino industry,
    hence sustaining its growth and development;

● To provide a high quality vocational training program to the practitioners of casino management;

● To provide a platform for prospective casino practitioner to acquire professional knowledge about the industry management,
    with topic coverage to unique features of Macao market.

Course Objective

● Front line casino staff who would like to be promoted to the management level;

● Junior and middle level casino managers who would like to improve their management skills;

● Those who would like to join the casino industry.

Program Description

The entire program comprises of four 45-hour courses, as listed in the following (please refer to Course Descriptions):
      GMCM111 Introduction to Casino Mathematics
      GMCM112 Leadership and Management in Hospitality and Gaming Industry
      GMCM113 Casino Operation Management
      GMCM114 Special Topic on Determinants of Employees Performance

Course Exemption
Students may apply for course exemption. Applications must be submitted with supporting documents, e.g., course
descriptions, academic records, study plans, etc. showing that the students have taken equivalent courses elsewhere
and ISCG has the right for final explanation and approval. For any student, only one course exemption might be granted.

Medium of Instruction
Cantonese is the principal teaching language, although for some courses other languages such as Mandarin or English could be used.
Teaching materials are in English or Chinese, or bilingual.

Award of Certificate/Diploma
Upon successful completion of each of these courses (attaining a “C” or higher grade), an individual certificate of completion will be awarded.
A program diploma will only be awarded when the candidate successfully completes all the four courses (on average attaining a C or higher grade)
within a period of three calendar years, starting from the first course he/she enrolls.

Application Fee and Tuition Fee
Application Fee:Mop100 (non refundable)
Diploma (for all the 4 courses):Mop19,800

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