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Staff Wired LAN Service

Using Wired LAN in Office

When staff need to access Wired LAN in the office, please insert the network cable to the network socket that labelled with blue color and D-FD index, after configuring computer wired network settings, you can access campus Wired LAN network.

Notes: Network sockets may be shaded by furniture.


Using Wired LAN in Classrooms

Staff can access Wired LAN service in classrooms listed below. After inserting the network cable labelled with "UM Wired LAN" to the well configured computer, you are connected to campus network.

>>List of Classrooms


Configuration of Wired LAN Program (For Windows 7 and Windows 8 OS)

Run UM Wired LAN Setting Configuration Program

Windows 7 and Windows 8 users need to run the "UM Wired LAN Setting Configuration Program" once to configure computers wired LAN settings in order to use UM Wired LAN service on campus.

Operation System
UM Wired LAN Setting Configuration Program
Windows 7 and Windows 8

>>Steps of using "UM Campus Wired LAN Setting Configuration" program

Run "Enable/Disable 802.1X Authentication" program

802.1x authentication is usually not required for connecting network service off campus, you may launch Enable/Disable 802.1X Authentication program to disable the authentication. Once you need to access Wired LAN network on campus again, you just need to run this program, to connect campus wired LAN network quickly.

Program Name
Operating System
Enable/Disable Campus Authentication Program
Windows 7 and Windows 8

>>Disable 802.1X Authentication

>>Enable 802.1X Authentication


Wired LAN Configuration Guideline

Some devices may fail to run the configuration program. You can use the following "Wired LAN Configuration Guideline" to setup your computer's network settings. Please ensure that your computer network service is enable before configuration.

>> Wired LAN Configuration Guideline


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