ZHAO Ruohui
Associate Professor

Office: E21-3024
Telephone: (+853)8822 8835
Email: RZhao@um.edu.mo

Academic Qualifications

Ph.D. in Criminal Justice, University of Nebraska at Omaha, USA
M.A. in Criminology and Criminal Justice, Sam Houston State University, USA
B.A. in Archival Science, Wuhan University, China

Research Interests
Corrections; Crime and Social Control in China; Comparative Study of Crime and Criminal Justice; Juvenile Delinquency

  Research Projects
2014-2015 An Exploratory Study of Juvenile Delinquency and Juvenile Attitude toward the Police in a Less-Developed Western City of China, University of Macau
2011-2012 Perceptions of Fear of Crime and Punitivity among College Students in Macau SAR and Mainland China, University of Macau
2009-2011 (Co-principal Investigator: Prof.Jianhong Liu): Evaluation of Community-Based Correction Programs in Macau,  University of Macau
2008 -

Evaluation of Community-Based Correction Programs in Macau.
Principal investigator; project funded by the Research Committee of the University of Macau.

Selected Publications

กด Cao, Liqun; Jihong Zhao; Ling Ren, Ruohui Zhao (forthcoming). Do In-group and Out-group Forms of Trust Matter in Predicting Confidence in Order Institutions? A Study of Three Culturally Distinctive Countries. International Sociology.

กด Ren, Ling, Hongwei Zhang, Jihong Zhao & Ruohui Zhao (forthcoming). Delinquent Subculture and Juvenile Offenders’ Attitudes toward the Police In China. Police Quarterly.

กด Zhao, Ruohui (forthcoming). Administrative Punishment. In K.R. Kerley, H. Copes, J. Lane, S.D. Li, & S. Sharp (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Corrections. New York: John Wiley & Sons.

กด Zhang, Hongwei, Ruohui Zhao, Ling Ren, and Jihong Zhao (2014). Social Attachment and Juvenile Attitudes toward the Police in China: Bridging Eastern and Western wisdom. Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency. 51(6) : 703-734.

กด Zhao, Ruohui, Hongwei Zhang, & Jianhong Liu (2014). Juvenile Justice System in China: A System in Transition, Pp137-162. In John Winterdyk (ed.) Juvenile Justice: International Perspectives, Models and Trends. FL: CRC Press, Taylor and Francis Group.

กด Zhao, Ruohui (2013). Official Responses to Crime in Macau. In L, Cao, I. Sun, & W. Hebenton (Eds.). The Routledge Handbook of Chinese Criminology, New York: Routledge.

กด Cao, Liqun & Ruohui Zhao (2012). The Impact of Culture on Acceptance of Soft Drugs across Europe. Journal of Criminal Justice. 40(4) : 296-305

กด Zhao, Ruohui and Liqun Cao (2010). Social Change and Anomie: A Cross-National Study. Social Forces 88(3): 1209-1229.

กด Cao, Liqun, Ruohui Zhao, Lin Ren and Jihong Zhao (2010). Social Support and Anomie: A Multilevel Analysis of Anomie in Europe and North America. International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology 54(4): 625-639.

กด Garland, Brett E., William P. Mccarty, and Ruohui Zhao (2009). Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment in Prisons: An Examination of Psychological Staff, Teachers, and Unit Management Staff. Criminal Justice and Behavior 26 (2): 163-183.

กด Zhao, Ruohui (2009). Determinants of Anomie—A Cross-National Study. Beijing: People’s Publishing House, Beijing, China.

Courses Taught\

Corrections (graduate students)
Applied Statistics (graduate students)
Criminology and Criminal Justice (graduate students)
Criminological Theories (graduate students)
Juvenile Delinquency and Juvenile Justice (graduate students)
Special Topics in Criminology and Criminal Justice (graduate students)
Drugs and Crime
Law and Society
Crime and Criminal Justice in China
Social Change and Crime in Macao and Chinese Mainland

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