Prof. Kay CHANG

Psy.D., CPsychol, AFBPsS, ICADC, CSAC, Reg. Psych. A.F.

Associate Professor

Room: E21B-3042
Tel: +(853) 8822 8385


Academic Qualifications

• Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology- California School of Professional Psychology, San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA
• M.A. in Clinical Psychology - California School of Professional Psychology, San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA
• B.A. Double major: Anthropology and Psychology - University of Hawaii, Manoa, Hawaii, USA

Teaching areas

• Clinical Psychology
• Positive Psychology

International Licensures/ Registrations in Professional Psychology

• State Licensed Clinical Psychologist BOP, California, USA
• Chartered Clinical Psychologist & Associate Fellow BPS, UK
• American Psychological Association Accredited Internship APA, California, USA
• Internationally Certified Addiction Specialist CSAC/ICADC, USA
• Registered Psychologist & Associate Fellow HKPS, Hong Kong
• Government Registered Psychotherapist, Macau

Research Areas

• Trauma and resiliency
• Ethnic-specific mental health
• Multiculturalism and Inclusion
• Innovation and Creativity
• Service Program Evaluation

Selected Publications

• Sit, H. F., Huang, L., Chang, K., Chau, W. I., & Hall, B. J. (2020). Caregiving burden among informal caregivers of people with disability. British journal of health psychology, 10.1111/bjhp.12434. Advance online publication.

• Brian J. Hall, Ying Xin Xiong, Paul S. Y. Yip, Chao Kei Lao, Wei Shi, Elvo K. L. Sou, Kay Chang, Li Wang & Agnes I. F. Lam (2019) The association between disaster exposure and media use on post-traumatic stress disorder following Typhoon Hato in Macao, China, European Journal of Psychotraumatology, 10:1,

• Hall, B.J., Chang, K., Chen, W., Sou, K, Latkin, C., & Yeung, A. (2018). Exploring the association between depression and shenjing shuairuo in a population representative epidemiological study of Chinese adults in Guangzhou, China. Transcultural Psychiatry. Impact Factor 2.28. Scopus journal rank: Q1.

• Hall, B. J., Xiong, P., Chang, K., Yin, M., Sui, X. (2018). The prevalence of medical workplace violence and the shortage of secondary and tertiary interventions among healthcare workers in China. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, 72(6), 516-518. Impact Factor 3.973. Scopus journal rank: Q1.

Chang, K., (2017). Living with Vulnerability and Resiliency: The Psychological Experience of Collective Trauma. Acta Psychopathologica, 3, 53.

Chang K., & Zaroff C. (2017). Applied Behavior Analysis in Autism Spectrum Disorders in China and Hong Kong. Acta Psychopathologica, 3, 52.

• Hall, B.J., Sou, K., Chen, W., Zhou, F., Chang, K., & Latkin, C. (2016). An Evaluation of the Buffering Effects of Types and Sources of Support on Depressive Symptoms Among Natural Disaster–Exposed Chinese Adults, Psychiatry: Interpersonal and Biological Processes, 79, 389-402 Impact Factor: 2.397. Scopus journal rank: Q1.

Chang, K., & Taormina, R.J. (2011). Reduced Secondary Trauma among Chinese Earthquake Rescuers: A Test of Correlates and Life Indicators. Journal of Loss and Trauma,16 (6), 542-562. Impact Factor: 1.253. Scopus journal rank: Q2.

• Proyer, R., et al (2009). Breaking ground in cross-cultural research on the fear of being laughed at (gelotophobia): A multi-national study involving 73 countries. Humor - International Journal of Humor Research, 22, 253–279. Impact Factor: 0.94. Scopus journal rank: Q2.

• Tran, E., & Chang, K., Van Schalkwyk, G. J., (2006a). The Impact of Macao Gaming Industry on Family Life: An Exploratory Study. China Perspectives, 64 (March-April), 2-12. Impact Factor: 0.376. Scopus journal rank: Q2.

• Tran, E., & Chang, K., Van Schalkwyk, G. J., (2006b). L’impact de l’industrie du jeu sur la vie familiale a Macao : Une etude exploratoire. Perspcetives Chinoises, 93 (Janvier – Fevrier), 27-37. Impact Factor: 0.376. Scopus journal rank: Q2. [Full Text]

Chang, Kay., Van Schalkwyk, Gertina J. & Tran, Emilie (2006). Developing Psychological Mindfulness in Macao, Needs and Challenges. Chinese Cross Currents, V3, 4, (Oct-Dec), 28-47.

Courses Taught

• Personality Psychology
• Personal Growth
• Social and Personal Competence
• Psychology of Leisure and Tourism
• Social Psychology
• Master Clinical Psychology Thesis I
• Master Clinical Psychology Thesis II
• Master Practicum & Supervision I
• Master Practicum & Supervision II
• Master Practicum & Supervision III
• Master Practicum & Supervision IV
• Psychotherapy Theory and Lab: Child and Adolescents
• Field Experience I
• Field Experience II
• Undergraduate Senior Thesis I
• Undergraduate Senior Thesis II
• Psychology of Gambling
• Ethics and Professional Issues of Clinical Psychology
• Internship Supervision: Counseling Stream Students
• Internship Supervision: Applied Stream Students
• Counseling Psychology Practice
• Counseling Psychology Theories
• Introduction to Psychology
• Abnormal Psychology
• Psychology of Communication