Prof. Xiao Ting (Amy Shaw)

Assistant Professor


Room: E21-3039
Tel: +(853) 8822 4297


Academic Qualifications

• Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational (I/O) Psychology, Rice University, 2017
• M.A. in Industrial and Organizational (I/O) Psychology, Rice University, 2015
• B.S. in Psychology, Beijing Normal University, 2012

Professional affiliations

• Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Selected Publications

Shaw, A. (2021). It works…but can we make it easier? A comparison of three subjective scoring indexes in the assessment of divergent thinking. Thinking Skills and Creativity.

Shaw, A. (2021). A Perspective on Situational Judgment Tests: From Measures of Situational Judgment to Measures of General Domain Knowledge. Personality and Individual Differences.

• Ock, J., McAbee, S. T., Ercan, S., Shaw, A., & Oswald, F. L. (2021). Reliability generalization analysis of the Core Self-Evaluations Scale. Practical Assessment, Research, and Evaluation.

Shaw, A., & Zhang, J. J. (2021). A Rasch analysis of the Irrational Procrastination Scale (IPS). Frontiers in Psychology - Quantitative Psychology and Measurement, 11, 615341.

Shaw, A., Elizondo, F., & Wadlington, P. L. (2020). Reasoning, fast and slow: How noncognitive factors may alter the ability-speed relationship. Intelligence.

Shaw, A., Liu, O. L., Gu, L., Kardonova, E., Chirikov, I., Li, G., … & Loyalka, P. (2020). Thinking critically about critical thinking: Validating the Russian HEIghten® Critical Thinking assessment. Studies in Higher Education, 45, 1933-1948.

• Beier, M. E., Bradford, B. C., Torres, W. J., Shaw, A., & Kim, M. H. (2019). Cognition, motivation, and lifespan development: Integrating theoretical perspectives to understand workplace behavior. In Baltes, B. B., Rudolph, C. W., & Zacher, H. Z. (Eds.), Work Across the Lifespan (pp. 157-177). New York, NY: Academic Press.

• Liu, O. L., Shaw, A., Gu, L., Li, G., Hu, S., Yu, N., ... & Kardanova, E. (2018). Assessing college critical thinking: Preliminary results from the Chinese HEIghten® Critical Thinking assessment. Higher Education Research & Development, 37, 999-1014.

• Whorton, R., Casillas, A., Oswald, F. L., & Shaw, A. (2017). Critical skills for the 21st century workforce. In Burrus, J., Mattern, K. D., Naemi, B., & Roberts, R. D. (Eds.), Building Better Students: Preparation for the Workforce (pp. 47-72). New York, NY: Oxford University Press.

• Oswald, F. L., Dunleavy, E. M., & Shaw, A. (2016). Measuring practical significance in adverse impact analysis. In Morris, S. B. & Dunleavy, E. M. (Eds.), Adverse Impact Analysis: Understanding Data, Statistics, and Risk (pp. 92-112). New York, NY: Routledge.

• Oswald, F. L., Shaw, A., & Farmer, W. L. (2015). Comparing simple scoring with IRT scoring of personality measures: The Navy Computer Adaptive Personality Scales (NCAPS). Applied Psychological Measurement, 39, 144-154. https://doi/10.1177/0146621614559517

• Oswald, F. L., Ercan, S., McAbee, S. T., Ock, J., & Shaw, A. (2015). Imperfect corrections or correct imperfections? Psychometric corrections in meta-analysis. Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice, 8, 1-4.