Prof. Guo Tieyuan, Tony

Associate Professor

Room: E21-3064
Tel: +(853) 8822 8373

Academic Qualifications

• Ph.D. in Social Psychology (Queen’s University, Canada)
• M.Ed. in Applied Psychology (Peking University, China)
• B.S. in Psychology (Peking University, China)

Teaching areas

• Social Psychology
• Cross-Cultural Psychology
• Social Cognition
• Introductory Psychology

Research Areas

• Culture
• Social cognition and reasoning
• Temporal Information Processing
• Decision making


Current research

• Cultural differences in valuing future and past information
• Cultural differences in conversation
• Predictably irrational in decision making
• Methodological issues in cultural psychology

Selected Publications

Periodical Publications

  • • Chen, F., & Guo, T. (In press). Effects of competence information on perceptions of warmth. Asian Journal of Social Psychology, DOI: 10.1111/ajsp.12452

    • Spina, R., Ji, L. J., Guo, T.Y., Li, Y., Zhang, Z. (2020). Cultural differences in the tendency to seek practical versus theoretical Information. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 51(7-8). pp. 636-653.

    Guo, T.Y., Spina, R. (2019). Cross-cultural variations in extreme rejecting and extreme affirming response styles. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 50(8). pp. 955-971.

    Guo, T., & Spina, R. (2019). Cultural asymmetry between perceptions of past and future personal changes. Frontiers in Psychology, 10: 855.

    • Ji, L. J., Hong, E. K., Guo, T., Zhang, Z. Su, Y., & Li, Y. (2019). Culture, psychological proximity to the past and future, and self-continuity. European Journal of Social Psychology, 49(4), 735-747.

    Guo, T., & Spina, R. (2016). Chinese are more loss averse than British. Asian Journal of Social Psychology, 19(2), 154-162.

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    Guo, T., Ji, L.J., Spina, R., & Zhang, Z. (2012). Culture, temporal focus, and values of the past and the future. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 38, 1030-1040.

    • Spina, S., Ji, LJ, Guo, T.Y., Zhang, Z.Y., Li, Y, & Fabrigar, L. (2010). Cultural differences in the representativeness heuristic: Expecting a correspondence in magnitude between cause and effect. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 36, 583-597.

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    • Ji, L.J., Zhang, Z., & Guo, T. (2008). To buy or to sell: Cultural differences in stock market decisions based on price trends. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 21, 399-413.

    Conference Presentations

    Guo, T., Ji, L.J. (2010). Cultural differences in attention to the future. Society for Personality and Social Psychology, Las Vegas, Nevada.

    Guo, T., Ji, L.J., & Zhang, Z. (2008). Values of the past and the future: Cultural differences in temporal value asymmetry. Society for Personality and Social Psychology, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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    Guo, T., & Zhang Z. (2005). The relationship between Chinese college students’ job selection behaviors and their personalities. Society for Personality and Social Psychology, New Orleans, LA.

    Books and book chapters

    • Zhang, N., Ji, L. J., Guo, T. (2018). Culture and lay theories of change. In Julie Spencer-Rodgers & Kaiping Peng (Eds). The Psychological and Cultural Foundations of East Asian Cognition: Contradiction, Change, and Holism (pp. 81-104). New York: Oxford University Press.

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    • Ji, L. J, Lee, A, & Guo, T. (2010). The thinking style of Chinese people, In Michael Harris Bond (Ed). The oxford handbook of Chinese psychology. (pp. 155-167). Oxford New York: Oxford University Press.

Courses Taught

• Social Psychology
• Introduction to Psychology
• Culture and Cognition