The faculty in the Department of Psychology are all active researchers with both local and international affiliations for projects for which they are principle or co-investigators. Projects for which funding has been obtained from the University of Macau through the Research Services and Knowledge Transfer Office (RSKTO) for the period from 2008-present are listed below.

Chang Lei

(1) Life history and child development across cultures
(2) Parenting and child development in rural China
(3) Environmental Impact on Life History Strategies of Rural Children and Adolescents


Todd Jackson

Influences on Adjustment in University Student, Community, and Clinical Samples


Wu Man Sze, Anise

(1) Internet Gaming Disorder: Illness Representation, Screening Tool, and Diagnostic Interview among Young Chinese Adults (PI)
(2) Gambling disorder and Internet gaming disorder: Psychological needs, motives, and protective traits (PI)
(3) Drinking Behaviors among University Students (PI)


Tong Kwok Kit

Prejudice and perceived discrimination: Exploring contributors, health outcomes, and interventions


Cheung Shu Fai

Improved Samplewise-Adjusted Procedure: Multiple Effect Sizes in Meta-Analysis with Correction for Artifacts


Guo Tieyuan

(1) Moderacy/extremity response biases and scale reliability in cross-cultural psychology research using Likert scale
(2) Cultural differences in valuing future and past information
(3) Cultural differences in loss aversion, and overestimation of small probabilities
(4) Culture, vocal speed, and persuasion
(5) Gender, job seeking around the global: an evolutionary perspective


Chang Sio Nga

(1) Resiliency and job satisfaction
(2) Trauma among disaster rescuers


Tao Yick Ku, Vivienne

On-campus residency, achievement motivation and psychological health among undergraduate students in Macao


Chi Peilian

(1) Resilience-oriented intervention among children affected by parental HIV
(2) Stigma, Resilience and Mental Health among Mainland Migrant Workers in Macau


Deng Wei, Sophia

Reinforcement learning, selective attention, and the development of categorization: what, how and why


Xiao Ting (Amy Shaw)

Antecedents and outcomes of creativity and innovation


Yan Ming

The Perceptual Span and Oculomotor Activities during Sentence Reading