Our bachelor program aims at providing high quality academic education and training opportunities in the field of psychology so that graduates will have an excellent background for careers in counseling, management, marketing, law enforcement and education.

Program Design

Our bachelor program is designed to allow our graduates to apply for postgraduate programs in psychology and related disciplines locally and overseas. Our program will provide a foundation in areas such as memory and cognitions, learning, social cognition and group processes, neuropsychological processes, evolutionary and cultural foundations, sensation and perception, experimental psychology, psychological testing, psychological disorder, creativity and intelligence and personality theories to applied topics such as organizational psychology, consumer behaviors, health psychology, gambling disorder and substance abuse, human factors, and clinical psychology.


All our faculty members have doctoral degrees from top-ranking universities around the world including the United States, Canada and Hong Kong. They are active in research and disseminate research findings to academics, policy makers, and concerned professionals. Students will be supervised by our faculty members in the final year project / thesis so that students are prepared for a graduate study in psychology (e.g., clinical psychology, educational psychology, industrial-organizational psychology, etc.).

Student Development

The department cares about the development of our students and hope to equip our students better for their careers. Our faculty members meet with students regularly in a causal setting to discuss issues related to learning difficulty, career, graduate study, studying abroad, etc.

Prospects for Graduates

Graduates will be able to work in fields such as management, university administration, government administration, human resources management, customer service, teaching, human-machine interface design & research, marketing and market research; students may also choose to pursue graduate studies in psychology, e.g. Educational Psychology, Industrial-Organization Psychology, School Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Psychometric, Development Psychology, etc.

General Course Introduction

Year 1 - To prepare students for university studies, students will take a language and General Education courses as well as an introduction course outlining the major subject matters of psychology. Students will gain knowledge from different disciplines and they can also interact with students from different backgrounds.

Year 2 - Students will focus on foundation courses in psychology. Our courses cover a wide range of areas in psychology like human thinking, human development, personality, social psychology, etc. The foundation courses are essential for future study or obtaining a professional qualifications.

Year 3 - Students will expose to advanced courses in psychology. We also provide a number of elective courses to students so that they will have chance to be exposed to specialized areas in psychology such as organizational psychology, clinical psychology, health psychology, positive psychology ,etc. The experience on different courses will help students to find out the specialize areas in psychology they prefer.

Year 4 - We understand that students have acquired foundation knowledges in psychology and have been exposed to different specialized areas in psychology. In the final year, students will be flexibility in selecting course so that they can tailor-made the curriculum to meet their own career aspirations. We also provide options of field experience so that students who may want to pursue a career in counseling or psychological treatment can gain some experiences before they decide if the career is suitable to them. Students will also be supervised by our faculty members in research projects, which students will be better prepared for a graduate study in psychology.

Please refer to the latest prospectus for detailed information.