The Department of Psychology encourages international students in Asia and all over the world to apply to our degree programs. In the University of Macau, class instruction and all other school work are conducted in English. English is also the official or semi-official language and is widely used in Macau and Hong Kong.

Several of our faculty members in the department are non-Chinese coming from the United States, Canada, and the Philippines, and we currently have or have had students from the Philippines, Malaysia, Viet Nam, and the Netherland.

In the last program review conducted in 2018 by professorial representatives from the Netherland, United States, Hong Kong, and Singapore, our psychology undergraduate program was rated as academically rigorous comparable to similar programs of major universities in these countries and anywhere in the world.

Our graduates have been admitted into graduate degree programs by major research universities in North America such as UC San Diego and University of Toronto. The university has a special scholarship for international students.

Please visit the Global Affairs Office for detailed information.