Programme Curriculum for Students Admitted before 2011/2012


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Psychology Programme


The Faculty of Social Sciences offers four-year programs of study leading to the bachelor degree of Social Sciences in PSYCHOLOGY (PSYC). There are two streams of study in this programme:


The Programme is designed to achieve the following objectives:

  • To provide high quality academic education and practical training opportunities in the field of psychology so that graduates will have an excellent background for careers in human resource management, management in tourism or other business, marketing, sales, public relations, financial management, counseling, social work, law enforcement and education.

  • To offer an international standard training in psychology so that graduates will be well-prepared for post-graduate training locally, in China, or in other countries.

  • To disseminate research findings to academics, policy makers and concerned professionals or organizations and citizens.


Unique Features


  • This programme consists of two streams: applied psychology in the business world and counseling psychology which is essential to all helping professionals such as social workers, teachers, and nurses.

  • Courses offered in the applied psychology stream include: Consumer Psychology, Organizational Psychology, Psychology of Investment, Psychology of Communication, Industrial Psychology, Applied Social Psychology and Management, Advertising Psychology, Psychology of Tourism and Leisure Activity.

  • Courses offered in the counseling psychology stream are: Counseling Psychology Theory, Counseling Psychology Practice, Abnormal Psychology, Psychology of Child and Adolescents. Psychology of Adulthood and Aging, Psychopathology, Psychology of Criminal Behavior, and Psychology of Addictive Behavior.

  • One of our unique features is to maximize students! Flexibility of choice in psychology courses and courses in other relevant disciplines. To provide a broad exposure to different areas in psychology and other disciplines, our proposed programme allows 21 credit of required elective courses in psychology and 30 credit of free elective courses.

  • The proposed programme of compulsory psychology courses is designed to establish a solid and sufficient knowledge in psychology among graduates who might either pursue their career in psychology or go on to further post-graduate training anywhere in the world.

  • To encourage teaching and research in a multi-disciplinary framework in which psychology, business administration, other social science disciplines (economics, public administration, China study) would complement with each other.

  • To undertake high quality research which focuses on local social issues or cross-cultural studies in applied psychology and to disseminate research findings to academics, policy makers and concerned professionals or organizations and citizens.


Degree Structure

The Degree programme (B.Soc.Sc. in Psychology) is offered by the Psychology Programme of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities. Students can complete all the 144 credits in four years. The programme has three components: (A) Compulsory Courses; (B) Required Elective Courses; and (C) Free Elective Courses

The structure is divided into ten groups over four academic years:

Compulsory Courses (24 credits, 16.7%)
  - Applied Psychology OR
- Counseling Psychology
Compulsory fundamental courses in Psychology (30 credits, 20.8%)
Internship (3 credits, 2.1%)
Research Method (6 credits, 4.2%)
Thesis (6 credits, 4.2%)
Required Elective Courses of Social Sciences (12 credits, 8.3%)
Required Elective Courses of Business Administration (6 credits, 4.2%)
Other Advanced courses in Psychology (21 credits, 14.6%)
Free Elective Courses (30 credits, 20.8%)
Language Courses (6 credits, 4.2%)

^ Except for pre-approved programmes whose maximum major credits can be up to 75 and total credits up to 144.
*  The 4 courses should be from 4 different major programmes / disciplines other than the student’s own major programme.

In accordance with the University Admission Regulations. Applications through Admission Examination will require English I Mathematics B.

Medium of Instruction
Courses are taught in English.

Complete a minimum of 144 credits; and pass all Compulsory courses/Required Elective courses.


Graduate Checklist
Download the Checklist in PDF: