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澳門公共行政改革的邏輯機理、問題癥結和推進原則 04/02/2021
How has Covid19 impacted on the EU’s public diplomacy effort in China 14/12/2020
Transatlantic Relations under the Biden Presidency: Plus Ça Change, Plus C’est la Même Chose? 10/12/2020
Europe-Africa Relations: colonial past and new power game 22/10/2020
The Unintended Effects of the “17+1” Cooperation between China and Central and Eastern Europe 23/10/2019
Just Not In Our Neighbourhood: China’s Views on the Application of the Responsibility to Protect in the Case of the DPRK 23/01/2019
Changing Security Order in Northeast Asia — A China-US -South Korea-Japan Quadrilateral Dialogue
Policy Learning and Innovation by Network 23/04/2018
The Limits of Confucian Soft Power in the United States
China vs. the United States: Competing Visions of the Global Trading System?
Workshop of Advanced Quantitative Methods in Social Sciences 16/06/2017
Co-evolution and Sustainability of the Belt-and-Road Initiative and Professional Services 22/03/2017
Social Media and Protest Participation: Evidence from Russia 17/11/2016
China's responses to Asia’s Security Challengesa 10/11/2016
Why Govern? Rethinking Demand and Progress in Global Governance 03/11/2016
The Role of Governance in the Innovation Economy: Case Analyses of China, U.S. and Europer 03/11/2016
Forget Chineseness: On the Geopolitics of Cultural Identification 19/10/2016
Cross-Strait Relations after Tsai Ing-wen Came to Power
Myanmar: Reform Policies, Area Studies, and Political Science 24/08/2016
權力話語:中國實力研究中的新視角 18/05/2016
Casino Interest, Fujian Tongxianghui and Electoral Politics in Macao 26/04/2016
Political Economy of Laos: Does China Matter? 07/04/2016
Governance Crisis in EU 27/11/2015
The Inaugural China-US-Japan Trilateral Academic Dialogue? 26/11/2015
Myanmar’s 2015 Elections: What Happens Next? 25/11/2015
U.S. Elections: The System and The Process 19/11/2015
Is this the End? The European Union in a Time of Crisis 19/11/2015
中國對外開放新佈局"一帶一路"戰略 19/11/2015
公共行政學系畢業生投考公職專題講座 18/11/2015
The End of American World Order and the Birth of a Multiplex World 22/08/2015
Can Asia Challenge Chineses Dominance and Avoid Europe's Past? 18/08/2015
Security in Northeast Asia: At the Intersection of Regional and Domestic Politics 21/04/2015
The Politics of Crisis Management in China: The Sichuan Earthquake 17/04/2015
Contemporary China's Diplomatic Strategies: Introduction and Critique 當前中國外交: 評價與走向 10/04/2015
Evaluating Competing "Democratic" Discourses: The Impact on Human Rights in Southeast Asia 10/04/2015
"1992 Consensus" and "One Country, Two Systems" 30/03/2015
Agency and Change in Constructivist IR theory 20/03/2015
China in Central Asia: Promise and Perils of Non-Western Leverage 30/01/2015
The Future of U.S. - China Relations: Celebrating the 35th Anniversary of U.S. - China Official Diplomatic Relation 21/01/2015
Current Cross-Taiwan Strait and North-South Korean Interactions: A Comparative Study 南北韓與兩岸統一情勢與前瞻之比較 12/12/2014
How China May Resolve its Maritime Disputes 05/12/2014
Theorizing Trust and Globalization: Maritime Disputes and the Chinese Proposal for a 21st Century Maritime Silk Road 05/12/2014
An Alternative Understanding of China-India Relations: the Distrust-Building between China dn india 27/11/2014
Dilemmas of Political Transformation in Middle East and Its Impacts on Regional Security
China's Anit-Terrorism Policy and Chinese Foreign Policy 21/11/2014
Understanding the Impacts of Maritime Territorial Disputes on East Asia Security 23/10/2014
"百年中國夢及其實現途徑"講座 16/10/2014
Navigating Troubled Waters: The Perennial Reshape of the EU' Mediterranean Policy 27/06/2014
The Double Paradox of Corruption and Rapid Growth in China/Hunting Big Tigers 22/05/2014
Imaging Japan: Comparing Narratives about Japan in Chinese Junior High School History Textbooks 24/04/2014
The People's Nuclear Weapon: Strategic Culture and China's Nuclear Deterrent 23/04/2014
The 4th Macao International Knowledge Contest of College Students 第四屆澳門高校國際知識競賽 16/04/2014
China and the Evolving Mechanisms of Regional Cooperation 中國與變化中的區域合作機制 02/04/2014
Current Situation in Taiwan & The Cross Strait Relations 當前台灣局勢與兩岸關係 28/03/2014
The Pacific Triangle China-Japan Relations & the U.S. Factor 25/03/2014
YAIA 3月時事論壇 YAIA Current Affairs Lecture: Hotspots Focus in March 18/03/2014
China's Future in a Multinodal World Order 03/03/2014
The U.S. Rebalance to Asia, and What It Means for Hong Kong and Macau 19/02/2014
Partially Hierachical Security Order in East Asia and China's Rise 13/02/2014
關於中共十八屆三中全會的思考:揚帆中國夢-聚焦全面改革之火 About the thinking of the Third Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party 19/12/2013
U.S.-China Relations and Korean Peninsula 22/11/2013
龍象之爭 - 中印在南亞的博弈 (The Competition of Dragon and Elephant--The Gaming between China and India in South Asia) 21/11/2013
Beyond WTO: Insights into U.S. - China 12/11/2013
Political Performance and Moral Legitimacy: The 2008 Sichuan Earthquake as a Case 11/11/2013
China's Go-West Strategy, Premises and Prospects 30/10/2013
中國大陸的立法體制及法律體系 System of Legislative System and Law System in China 17/10/2013
What's wrong with American government? Interpretation in the temporary shutdown of the U.S. Government 美國政府怎麼了?解讀美國政府臨時關閉 10/10/2013
Close look at the election of Macao Legislative Assembly 立法會席位花落誰家- 近距離看澳門政治 26/09/2013
China and the U.S.: Then and Now 08/06/2013
How to establish stabilized trilateral relationships among the US, China and Japan: A Japanese perspective 16/05/2013
Creating Socio-economic Value through Open Public Data 22/03/2013
Is China Saving Global Capitalism from the Global Crisis 28/02/2013
Is Protection for Sale? The Political Economy of Trade Protection in Post-reform China 04/02/2013
Changing Governance Regimes of the Kaohsiung Port in postwar Taiwan 戰後台灣高雄港的治理轉型 01/02/2013
Macao Youth and Citizen Participation 澳門青年與公民參與 31/01/2013
中國的民族和民族政策 (China's Ethnic Minorities and Ethnic Policies) 15/11/2012
The 3rd Macau International Knowledge Contest of College Students 第三屆澳門高校國際知識競賽 14/11/2012
The Global Impact of the 2012 U.S. Presidential Elections 07/11/2012
American Politics at the Crossroads: Potential Implications of the 2012 Presidential Election 16/10/2012
International Relations Forum: China-Japan Dispute on Diaoyu/Senkaku Island 26/09/2012
Reliving the Silk Road -- Uyghur textile traders in China and Beyond 13/04/2012
Historical Legacies & Contemporary Realpolitik of Macao in Sino-Luso-Global Interface 13/04/2012
兩會之後中國與港澳政治經濟形勢的發展 28/03/2012
女性與美國政治:進步與挑戰 14/03/2012
前 "習時代" 中美關係新起點 -- 剖析習近平訪美 28/02/2012
2012台灣觀選分享會 (Seminar on 2012 Taiwan Election) 09/02/2012
China's development of oil, gas and renewable energy: the strategic expansion of a consuming giant 02/02/2012
Taiwan, Japan and the PRC: An Uneasy Triangle 13/01/2012
Assessing The Rise of China 16/12/2011
Major Power Relations and New Geopolitical Landscapes in East Asia 18/11/2011
The Impact of the Current Situation on China 17/11/2011
The Current Situation in Xinjiang: The Causes, Effects and Implications of Disturbances of 2009-11 11/11/2011
Geopolitics & Diplomacy 03-24/11/2011
“辛亥革命 – 中國統一了嗎?” 10/10/2011
Socio-political Embeddings of South Asian Ethnic Minorities' Economic Situations in Hong Kong 28/09/2011
Seminar on 911 21/09/2011
Four Images of China 05/09/2011
The Politics of Teacher Professionalism and Education Reform in Macao? 24/08/2011
Cross-Strait Relations: Current Developments and Future Prospoects 12/04/2011
Defending Land Use Right In Nanhai: Insitutional innovation in China's Grass Roots and its Limitations 04/04/2011
A "Negotiated Transition" or Betrayal of Democracy? Reflections on the Constitutional Reforms in Hong Kong 28/03/2011
中東巨變之成因及影響(The Revolution of Middle East: Cause and Effect 14/03/2011
The Civil Rights Movement and the Grassroots: How Ordinary People Changed American History 03/03/2011
近期兩岸關係之發展 -- 台灣的觀點 27/01/2011
專家論壇 -- 胡錦濤訪美與中美關係走 25/01/2011
Leadership, Team Building, and Group Dynamics 24/01/2011
China's Sui Generis Plus Oxymoron - Its Justification 15/12/2010
中美在亞太的戰略競爭 (Strategic Competition between China and the US in Asia Pacific) 08/12/2010
臺灣五都選舉後的兩岸關係走向 07/12/2010
Latin America and East Asia 08/10/2010
The European Union and the Taiwan Strait Relations (1996-2009) - A Content Analysis 28/06/2010
Demorgraphic Change and the Future of American Politcs 14/04/2010
Political Succession in China: Alternative Scenarios and the Bo Xilai Factor 09/04/2010
African Perspectives on China-Africa Links 18/03/2010
澳門特區政府回歸十年施政績效回顧 16/12/2009
1990年代以來大陸城市社區衝突的治理機制研究 04/12/2009
奧巴馬 P.K. 胡錦濤 --中美關係縱橫談 25/11/2009
Human Rights in the Age of Globalization 29/09/2009
"青年的社會參與:責任與承擔" 27/04/2009
Casino Capitalism and the Legitimacy of the Politico-Administrative State in Macao 12/01/2009
"施政報告論壇"------特區政府2009財政年度施政報告 03/12/2008
Which is the 21st Century's Biggest Problem--The Middle East or China? 02/12/2008
Political Liberalism and Reform in China 02/12/2008
International Symposium Secessions and Secessionist Movements Today 17/11/2008
What kind of U.S. President will Barack Obama Make? 14/11/2008
Does Modernization Theory Predict a Democratic China? 04/11/2008
The 2008 U.S. Election: Culture War 10/10/2008
Workshop on “Conceptual Planning on Macau’s Urban Development” 《澳門城市概念性規劃綱要》公開諮詢系列──澳門大學工作坊 25/09/2008
Upcoming American Election and What It Might Mean for American Asia Policy 05/06/2008
The Eu and Cross-strait Relations: European Policies towards the Greater China Centre and Periphery 15/05/2008
Corporate Governance of Public and Private Corporations in the Provision of Local Public Utilities 17/03/2008
17th Party Congress and Elite Politics in China 25/02/2008
"施政報告論壇"------特區政府2008財政年度施政報告" 04/12/2007
Portuguese Influence in Macau's Church and State Relations 13/11/2007
Neoliberal Discourse and Post-Industrial Reality: Social Intervention in the New Welfare State 26/04/2007
Cross-border Crime in Greater China: Intergovernmental Cooperation between Mainland China, Macao, Hong Kong and Taiwan 24/04/2007
Neoliberal Discourse and Post-Industrial Reality: Social Intervention in the New Welfare State 12/04/2007
Stategic Communication and Policy Persuasion 06/03/2007
"施政報告論壇"------澳門特區政府2007財政年度施政報告之"勇於變革,共同承擔" 04/12/2006
China's Hong Kong and Macao: Contrasting Post-colonial Transformation 14/03/2006
What Belongs in the Political Canon, Marxism or Fascism? 11/04/2006
港澳醫療服務的發展:回顧與前瞻 13/07/2006