Institute of Global and Public Affairs (IGPA)

Institute of Global and Public Affairs 全球與公共事務研究所
東南亞海盜問題與中國面臨的挑戰 (Maritime Privacy in Southeast Asian Waters and Challenges Facing China)
Dr. Kai CHEN will delivered a guest lecture in UM on Sept 8th 2017 10:00 E21-G16. For details, please click Here
澳門大學與上海國際問題研究院合作,在北京召開中美關係研討會,探討美國大選結果對中美雙邊關係的影響,吸引一眾國內頂尖的中美關係和美國問題專家學者參與。 澳大校長趙偉、上海國際問題研究院院長陳東曉率兩地學者參與研討會。 會議就“美國選情分析和中美雙邊關係”、“美國新政府與亞太形勢”、“美國新政府與全球治理”等議題進行了深入探討。 可查看, Here
Conference on "North Korea Nuclear Crisis: Is there a way out?"
The conference was held on 6-7 June 2016, co-sponsored by IGPA and Korea-China Think Net, South Korea.
For details, please click Here

IGPA (Institute of Global and Public Affairs) was created and put into operation in Fall 2014. The purpose of IGPA is to provide an interdisciplinary and multidimensional platform for the promotion and facilitation of teaching, research and institutional exchanges on various local, national, regional, international, and global issues among scholars, students, professionals and policy makers at the University of Macau, Greater China, East Asia, Europe and North America. It also aims at serving as a regional hub facilitating scholarly exchange and policy dialogue in Macau, Hong Kong, South China, Southeast Asia and East Asia.