This course aims to introduce the complexities of EU-Asia relations, both, at the inter-regional level and at the bilateral level. It will focus on matters that will encompass the following Asian sub-regions: East Asia, Central Asia and South-Asia. Within East Asia, special attention will be given to China-EU relations, both from the historical point of view as well as the most recent developments, including bilateral negotiations towards a new Partnership and Cooperation Agreement (PCA). EU-Japan and EU-ASEAN relations will be given some attention, as well. The ASEM process (Asia Europe Meeting) will be introduced as a case of summit diplomacy with all its merits and limitations. In regard to Central-Asia, a brief analysis of Central-Asia significance in the context of Asia-Europe relations and the overall economic and security concerns of EURASIA will be the focus of our attention. In the same token, EU-India relations will be briefly analyzed. Because the EU integration force is such an overall successful process, by bringing peace and development to the whole continent of Europe, it will attract other regions to also try the similar experiences. Regionalism in Asia is an on-going issues and it is worth comparing currents Asian trends with the case of the EU.

Pre-requisite: None