More than a half century ago, the United States emerged from the Second World War as the most powerful nation on the earth. At the beginning of the 21st century it remains the sole superpower in the world.? Because of its unique position in international relations, the success or failure of American foreign policy not only affects the well being of the American people, but also has a great impact on war and peace in the rest of the world. This course examines American foreign policy from three vantage points: the evolution of American foreign policy in the Cold War period, policy making process in the context of the American political system, and the challenges the United States is facing in the post-Cold War and post-“9.11” era. By taking this course, students will acquire a more informed, balanced, and intellectual understanding of the main features of American foreign policy, the connection between American domestic politics and foreign policy, and the potential and limitation of the United States as a world power vis-a-vis other countries.

Pre-requisite: None