Meng U IEONG楊鳴宇

Assistant Professor

Contact Information

Tel: +853 8822 4551
Office: Room 4049, Humanities and Social Sciences Building (E21B)


Personal Website

  • Peking University, Ph.D., Public Administration, 2011-2015
  • Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, M.A., Social Science, 2009-2010
  • Peking University, B.A., Public Policy, 2005-2009
  • Authoritarian Politics
  • Chinese Politics
  • Hong Kong & Macao Politics
  • Ieong, Meng U. 2016. “The Development of Grand Mediation and its Implication to China’s Regime Resilience”, The China Review, 16(1):95-119. 
  • Ieong, Meng U. 2017. “Macao and Hong Kong—Convergence or Divergence? The 2014 Anti-Retirement Package Bill Protest and Macao’s Governance Crisis”, Asian Survey, 57(3):504-527.
  • Ieong Meng U. 2019. “Attitudes toward the Umbrella Movement in Macau: Findings and Implications from a Survey of University Students”, China: An international Journal, 17(2):181-195.
  • Ieong Meng U. 2019. “’Know Who’ Is Better Than ‘Know How’: Political Connection and State-Citizen Dispute Resolution Strategy in China”, Journal of Chinese Governance, 4(3):233-251.

Ieong Meng U is assistant professor at the Department of Government and Public Administration at the University of Macau. His research interests is comparative authoritarianism with specific regional interest on the Greater China Region. He holds Ph.D degree from Peking University and M.A. from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.