Alex, CHUA Yee Hong

Part-time teacher

Contact Information

Office: Room 4039, Humanities and Social Sciences Building (E21B)

  • Ph.D. (Political Science-International Relations) University of Macau (2017)
  • M.A. (Social Sciences-Regional Studies) National Sun Yat-sen University (2010)
  • B.A. (Management-Financial Management) Sun Yat-sen University (2008)
  • Economics
  • Public Management
  • International Relations
  • Geoeconomics


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Dr. Alex Chua is a Malaysian Chinese scholar. He was born in Malaysia, was an undergraduate and postgraduate at National Sun Yat-sen University (in Kaoshiung, Taiwan). Dr.Alex Chua received his Ph.D from University of Macau in 2017 upon completion of his dissertation “Competing regionalism in East Asia: economic interdependence and security dilemma.”. He has published several papers and articles in journals and conferences. He specializes in IPE, comparative politics and geoeconomics.

Dr. Alex’s publications have involved extensive work in the Greater China Sphere and related archives.  He have taught either part time at universities in Macau over five years.  These courses have included economics, regional integration, public management, international relations and urban studies.