Ho, Wai Hong Patrick

Full-time instructor

Title Associate Professor of Economics

Room 3032, Humanities and Social Sciences Building
University of Macau, E21
Avenida da Universidade,Taipa, Macau, China

Telephone +(853) 88228951
Fax +(853) 88222339
E-mail whho@um.edu.mo
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  • Research Area
  • Courses Taught
  • Selected Publications
  • Working Papers
  • Public Finance

  • Economic Growth

  • Financial intermediation


Current Research


  • Growth Theory


  • Financial Development


  • Economic Demography



  • CCSD221     Macro Policy for Development
  • CCSD423     Economics of Macao, Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta
  • ECMC100     Basic Microeconomics
  • ECMC211     Intermediate Macroeconomics
  • ECMC370    The Maco Economy
  • ECMC410     Advanced Macroeconomics
  • ECMC423     The Economics of Macao, Hong Kong and Pearl River Delta Region
  • ECMC465     Public Finance
  • MSEC101     Macroeconomic Theory
  • MSEC102     Methods of Economic Research
  • MSEC117     Regional Economics (Asian-Pacific/ European Monetary Union)


1.   A Note on Credit Market Development and Human Capital Accumulation
Macroeconomic Dynamics, 17(7), October 2013, 1525-1541.

2.   Factor Income Taxation and Growth with Increasing Integration of World Capital
Markets (with C. C. Yang)
Economics Letters, 120(3), September 2013, 477-480.

3.   Asymmetric Information, Auditing Commitment and Economic Growth
(with Yong Wang)
Canadian Journal of Economics, 46(2), May 2013, 611-633.

4.   Factor Income Taxation and Growth under Asymmetric Information
(with Yong Wang)
Journal of Public Economics, 91(3-4), April 2007, 775-789.         

5.    Public Capital, Asymmetric Information and Economic Growth
(with Yong Wang)
Canadian Journal of Economics, 38(1), February 2005, 57-80.

6.   Credit Rationing, Public Borrowing and Endogenous Growth
Human Capital, Trade and Public Policy in Rapidly Growing Economies –
from Theory to Empirics, Boldrin, Michele, Been-Lon, Chen and Ping, Wang
(Eds.), Edward Elgar, 241-255, 2004. (CHAPTERS IN EDITED VOLUMES)


1. Capital Income Taxation Revisited: The Role of Information Asymmetry in the Credit
Market (with Yong Wang), December 2010.  

2.   Financial Market Globalization, Non-convergence and Cycles, September 2013.       



1.  Financial Integration, Capital Externalities and Global Divergence.