Mei Mei LAM

Full-time Staff

Title Lecturer (Macao Fellow in Social Sciences)
Office Room 3027, Humanities and Social Sciences Building
University of Macau, E21B
Avenida da Universidade,Taipa, Macau, China
Telephone +(853) 88224959
Fax +(853) 88222339
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  • Environmental Economics and Integrated Assessment Model

  • ECON1001     Basic Macroeconomics

1.   Lam, A.,Lee, S., Mercure, J.F., Cho, Y., Lin, C.H., Pollitt, H., Chewpreecha, U. and Billington, S. (2018) Policies and Predictions for a Low.Carbon Transition by 2050 in Passenger Vehicles in East Asia: Based on an Analysis Using the E3ME-FTT Model. Sustainability, 10(5), p.1612. doi:

2.   Mercure, J. F., Lam, A., Billington, S. and Pollitt, H. (2018) Integrated assessment modelling as a positive science: private passenger road transport policies to meet a climate target well below 2 degrees C. Climatic Change 151 (2), pp109-129. doi: 10.1007/s10584-018-2262-7

3.   Mercure, J.F., Pollitt, H., Vinuales, J.E., Edwards, N.R., Holden, P.B., Chewpreecha, U., Salas, P., Lam, A. and Knobloch, F. (2018) Macroeconomic impact of stranded fossil fuel assets. Nature Climate Change. doi:10.1038/s41558-018-0182-1.

4.   Holden, P.B., J.E., Edwards, A. Ridgwell, R. D. Wilkinson, K. Fraedrich, K. Fraedrich, H. E. Pollitt, Mercure, J.F., Salas, P., Lam, A., Knobloch, F., Chewpreecha, U., and J. E. Viñuales (2018) Climate Carbon Cycle Uncertainties and the Paris Agreement. Nature Climate Change 8, 609–613. doi: 10.1038/s41558-018-0197-7


1. Capital Income Taxation Revisited: The Role of Information Asymmetry in the Credit
Market (with Yong Wang), December 2010.  

2.   Financial Market Globalization, Non-convergence and Cycles, September 2013.       



1.  Financial Integration, Capital Externalities and Global Divergence.