Agribusiness (ProQuest)

Agricultural Economics

Agricultural Economics-Zemedelska Ekonomika

American Economic Association Quarterly (JSTOR)

American Economic Journal-Applied Economics (ProQuest)

American Economic Journal-Economic Policy (ProQuest)

American Economic Journal-Macroeconomics (ProQuest)

American Economic Journal-Microeconomics (ProQuest)

American Economic Review (JSTOR) (Library Periodicals Area)

American Economist  (ProQuest)

American Journal of Agricultural Economics (JSTOR)

American Journal of Economics and Sociology (EBSCOhostEJS)

American Law and Economics Review (EBSCOhostEJS)

Amfiteatru Economic (ProQuest)

Annuals of Economics and Finance

Annals of Regional Science (ProQuest)

Annual Review of Economics

Annual Review of Financial Economics

Annual Review of Resource Economics

Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy (EBSCO host EJS)

Applied Economics (EBSCO host EJS)

Applied Economics Letters

Applied Financial Economics (EBSCO host EJS) (Library Periodicals Area)

ASEAN Economic Bulletin  (ProQuest)

Asia-Pacific Financial Markets  (EBSCOhost EJS)

Argumenta Oeconomica 

Asian Economic Journal  (EBSCOhost EJS)

Asian Economic Papers  (EBSCOhost EJS)

Asian Economic Policy Review  (EBSCOhost EJS)

Asian Journal of Technology Innovation  (EBSCO)

Asian-Pacific Economic Literature  (EBSCOhost EJS)

Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting & Economics  (EBSCO)

Astin Bulletin  

Australian Economic History Review

Australian Economic Papers (EBSCOhost)

Australian Economic Review (EBSCOhost)

Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics

B E Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy

B E Journal of Macroeconomics (EBSCOhostEJS)

B E Journal of Theoretical Economics

Baltic Journal of Economics (EBSCOhostEJS)

Bell Journal of Economics (JSTOR)

Bell Journal of Economics and Management Science (JSTOR)

Blackwell Publishers (PublishingTechnology)

Brookings Papers on Economic Activity (JSTOR)

Bulletin of Economic Research (JSTOR)

Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies

Cambridge Journal of Economics (EBSCOhost EJS) (Library Periodicals Area)

Cambridge Journal of Regions Economy and Society

Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics

Canadian Journal of Economics (JSTOR)

Canadian Journal of Economics and Political Science (JSTOR)

Cepal Review

CESifo Economic Studies  (EBSCOhost)

Chicago Fed Letter  (ProQuest)

China & World Economy (EBSCOhost)

China Agricultural Economic Review 

China Economic Review (ScienceDirect)

China Quarterly (JSTOR)

Cliometrica (EBSCOhost)

Communist Economies and Economic Transformation

Comparative Economic Studies (ProQuest)

Computational Economics (Kluweronline)

Contemporary Economic Policy  (ProQuest)

Contributions to Canadian Economics (JSTOR)

Custos e Agronegocio On Line

De Economist  (EBSCOhost EJS)

Defence and Peace Economics (EBSCOhost EJS)

Developing Economies

E & M Ekonomie a Management

Eastern Economic Journal  (ProQuest)

Eastern European Journal  (EBSCOhost)


Econlit   (EBSCO Publishing)

Ecological Economics (ScienceDirect)

Econ Journal Watch (EBSCOhost)

Econometric Reviews (EBSCOhost)

Econometric Theory

Econometrica  (JSTOR)

Econometrics Journal  (EBSCOhost EJS)

Economia  (Project Muse)

Economia Mexicana-Nueva Epoca 

Economia Politica 

Economic & Financial Review  (ProQuest)

Economic & Financial Review / Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas  (EBSCO Host)

Economic and Labour Relations Review  (ProQuest)

Economic and Social Review

Economic Computation and Economic Cybernetics Studies and Research (EBSCOhost)

Economic Development and Cultural Change (ProQuest)

Economic Development Quarterly

Economic Development Review  (ProQuest)

Economic Geography (JSTOR)

Economic History Review (JSTOR)

Economic Indicators / prepared for the Joint Committee on the Economic Report by the Council of Economic Advisers  (EBSCO Host)

Economic Inquiry (ProQuest)

Economic Journal (JSTOR)

Economic Journals on the Web (American Economic Association )

Economic Modelling  (Science Direct)

Economic Policy  

Economic Policy Review - Federal Reserve Bank of New York (ProQuest)

Economic Quarterly - Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond (ProQuest)

Economic Record (ProQuest)

Economic Research-Ekonomska Istrazivanja (ProQuest)

Economic Review  (EBSCO Host)

Economic Systems  (ScienceDirect)

Economic Systems Research  (ProQuest)

Economic Theory  (ProQuest)

Economic Trends / Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland.   (EBSCO Host)

Economica (JSTOR) (Library Periodicals Area G10)

Economics and Human Biology (ScienceDirect)

Economics and Philosophy

Economics and Politics

Economics Letters (ScienceDirect)

Economics of Education Review (ScienceDirect)

Economics of Energy and Environmental Policy (EBSCOhost)

Economics of Governance (ProQuest)

Economics of Planning  (EBSCOhost EJS)

Economics of Transition  (EBSCOhost EJS)

Economics-The Open Access Open-Assessment E-Journal


Economy and Society


Emerald  (Emerald Group Publishing Limited)

Emerging Markets Finance and Trade  (EBSCOhost)

Emerging Markets Review  (ScienceDirect)

Empirica  (ProQuest)

Empirical Economics  (ProQuest)

Energy Economics  (ProQuest)

Energy Journal  (EBSCO Host)

Environmental and Resource Economics  (ProQuest)

Estudios de Economia  (ProQuest)

European Economic Review (ScienceDirect)

European Journal of Health Economics (ProQuest)

European Journal of Law and Economics (EBSCOhost EJS)

European Journal of Political Economy (ScienceDirect)

European Journal of the History of Economic Thought (EBSCOhost)

European Review of Agricultural Economics

European Review of Economic History (ProQuest) 

Europe-Asia Studies (ProQuest) 

Experimental Economics (ProQuest) 

Explorations in Economic History (ScienceDirect) 

Far Eastern Economic Review  (ProQuest)

Federal Reserve Bank of St LOUIS Review  (ProQuest)

Federal Reserve Bulletin  (ProQuest)

Feminist Economics  (EBSCOhost)

Finance & Development  (ProQuest)


Fiscal Policy  

Food Policy (ScienceDirect) 

Futures (ScienceDirect) 

Games and Economic Behavior (ScienceDirect) 

Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance - Theory (Kluweronline)

German Economic Review (EBSCOhost)

Global Economic Review (EBSCOhost)

Health Economics  (EBSCOhost)

History of Economic Ideas

History of Political Economy  (Project Muse)

Hitotsubashi Journal of Economics

Housing Finance International  (ProQuest)

IMF Economic Review (ProQuest)

Independent Review (ProQuest)

Industrial and Corporate Change (EBSCOhost)

Industry and Innovation (ProQuest)

Information Economics and Policy (ScienceDirect)

Insurance Mathematics and Economics (ScienceDirect)

International Economic Review (JSTOR) (Library Periodicals Area)

International Environmental Agreements-Politics Law and Economics (ProQuest)

International Finance (EBSCOhost)

International Journal of Economic Theory (EBSCOhost)

International Journal of Forecasting (ScienceDirect)

International Journal of Game Theory (EBSCO Host)

International Journal of Health Economics and Management (EBSCO Host)

International Journal of Health Care Finance and Economics (ProQuest)

International Journal of Industrial Organization (ScienceDirect)

International Journal of Manpower  (ProQuest)

International Journal of Social Economics  (ProQuest)

International Journal of the Economics of Business  (ProQuest)

International Journal of Transport Economics  (EBSCOhost)

International Labour Review  (ProQuest)

International Monetary Fund Staff Papers

International Review of Economics and Finance (ScienceDirect) 

International Review of Law and Economics (ScienceDirect) 

International Tax and Public Finance (ProQuest) 

Investigacion Economica (JSTOR) 

Inzinerine Ekonomika-Engineering Economics (EBSCOhost) 

Jahrbucher Fur Nationalokonomie Und Statistik (ProQuest)  

Japan and the World Economy (ScienceDirect)  

Japanese Economic Review (EBSCOhost)  

Japanese Economy

JCMS-Journal of Common Market Studies (EBSCOhost)  

Journal of Accounting and Economics (ScienceDirect) (Library Periodicals Area)

Journal of African Economies (EBSCOhost)

Journal of Agrarian Change (EBSCOhost)

Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics

Journal of Agricultural Economics

Journal of Applied Econometrics (JSTOR)

Journal of Applied Economics (ProQuest)

Journal of Australian Political Economy (ProQuest)

Journal of Banking and Finance

Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics  (ScienceDirect)

Journal of Behavioral Finance  (EBSCOhost)

Journal of Bioeconomics  (EBSCOhost EJS)

Journal of Business & Economic Statistics (ProQuest)

Journal of Business (JSTOR)

Journal of Business Economics and Management

Journal of Choice Modelling (ScienceDirect)

Journal of Comparative Economics (ScienceDirect)

Journal of Competition Law and Economics (EBSCOhost)

Journal of Consumer Affairs (EBSCOhost)

Journal of Cultural Economics  (EBSCOhost EJS)

Journal of Demographic Economics (ProQuest)

Journal of Development Economics (ScienceDirect)

Journal of Development Studies (ProQuest)

Journal of Econometrics (ScienceDirect) 

Journal of Economic Abstracts (JSTOR)

Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization

Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control (ScienceDirect)

Journal of Economic Education

Journal of Economic Geography (EBSCOhost)

Journal of Economic Growth (Kluweronline)

Journal of Economic History (JSTOR)

Journal of Economic Inequality (ProQuest)

Journal of Economic Interaction and Coordination (ProQuest)

Journal of Economic Issues  (ProQuest)

Journal of Economic Literature (JSTOR) (Library Periodicals Area)

Journal of Economic Literature Classification System (American Economic Association)

Journal of Economic Perspectives (JSTOR) (Library Periodicals Area)

Journal of Economic Policy Reform (EBSCOhost)  

Journal of Economic Psychology (ScienceDirect)  

Journal of Economic Surveys (EBSCOhost)

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Journal of Economics (EBSCOhost)

Journal of Economics and Management Strategy (EBSCOhost EJS)

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Journal of Economics Zeithchrift

Journal of Empirical Finance (ScienceDirect) 

Journal of Environmental Economics and Management (ScienceDirect) 

Journal of European Economic Association

Journal of Evolutionary Economics

Journal of Finance (JSTOR)

Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis (JSTOR)

Journal of Financial Econometrics (EBSCOhost)

Journal of Financial Economics (ScienceDirect)

Journal of Financial Stability (ScienceDirect)

Journal of Forecasting (ProQuest)

Journal of Forest Economics (ScienceDirect)

Journal of Health Economics (ScienceDirect)

Journal of Housing Economics (ProQuest)

Journal of Human Capital (JSTOR)

Journal of Human Resources (JSTOR)

Journal of Industrial Economics (JSTOR)

Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics

Journal of Institutional Economics (ProQuest)

Journal of International Economics (ScienceDirect)

Journal of International Financial Markets Institutions and Money (ScienceDirect)

Journal of International Trade and Economic Development (EBSCOhost)

Journal of Korea Trade

Journal of Labour Economics (JSTOR)

Journal of Law and Economics

Journal of Law Economics and Organization

Journal of Macroeconomics (ProQuest)

Journal of Mathematical Economics (ScienceDirect)

Journal of Media Economics (EBSCOhost)

Journal of Medical Economics

Journal of Monetary Economics (ScienceDirect)

Journal of Money Credit and Banking (JSTOR)

Journal of Neuroscience Psychology and Economics (EBSCOhost)

Journal of Pension Economics and Finance (ProQuest)

Journal of Policy Analysis and Management (ProQuest)

Journal of Policy Modeling (ScienceDirect)

Journal of Political Economy (JSTOR)

Journal of Population Economics (EBSCOhost EJS)

Journal of Post Keynesian Economics (ProQuest)

Journal of Productivity Analysis (EBSCOhost EJS)

Journal of Public Economic Theory (EBSCOhost)

Journal of Public Economics (ScienceDirect)

Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics (EBSCOhost EJS)

Journal of Real Estate Research  (EBSCOhost EJS)

Journal of Regional Science  (EBSCOhost EJS)

Journal of Regulatory Economics  (EBSCOhost EJS)

Journal of Risk and Insurance (JSTOR)

Journal of Risk and Uncertainty (EBSCOhost EJS)

Journal of Socio-Economics (EBSCOhost EJS)

Journal of Sports Economics

Journal of Taxation

Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy (EBSCOhost)

Journal of the European Economic Association (EBSCOhost)

Journal of the Japanese and International Economies (ScienceDirect)

Journal of Transport Economics and Policy

Journal of Transport Geography (ScienceDirect)

Journal of Urban Economics (ScienceDirect)

Journal of World Trade (Kluweronline)


Korean Economic Review

Kyklos  (EBSCO Host)

Labour Economics (ScienceDirect)

Land Economics

Latin American Economic Review (ProQuest)

Macroeconomic Dynamics (ProQuest)

Managerial and Decision Economics (JSTOR)

Manchester School

Marine Resource Economics (ProQuest)

Mathematical Finance (EBSCOhost)

Mathematical Social Sciences (ScienceDirect)

Mathematics and Financial Economics (ProQuest)

Medical Economics (ProQuest)

Metroeconomica (EBSCOhost)

National Tax Journal (ProQuest)

New England Economic Review (ProQuest)

New Political Economy (ProQuest)

North American Journal of Economics and Finance (EBSCOhost)

OECD Economic Studies  (EBSCOhost EJS)

Open Economies Review  (EBSCOhost EJS)

Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics

Oxford Development Studies (EBSCO Host)

Oxford Economic Papers (JSTOR)

Oxford Review of Economic Policy

Pacific Economic Review

Panoeconomicus (ProQuest)

Papers in Regional Science (EBSCOhost)

PharmacoEconomics (EBSCOhost)


Portuguese Economic Journal (EBSCOhost)

Post-Communist Economies (EBSCOhost)

Post-Soviet Affairs

Post-Soviet Geography and Economics

Prague Economic Papers

Problem of Economic Transition

ProQuest UMI

Public Choice (EBSCOhost EJS)

Publications of the American Economic Association (JSTOR)

Quantitative Economics

Quantitative Finance(EBSCOhost)

Quantitative Marketing and Economics(EBSCOhost)

Quarterly Journal of Economics (JSTOR)

RAND Journal of Economics (JSTOR)

Real Estate Economics  (EBSCO Host)

Recherches Economiques de Louvain-Louvain Economic Review  (JSTOR)

Regional review / the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston  (EBSCO Host)

Regional Science and Urban Economics (ScienceDirect)

Regional Studies (ProQuest)

Research in Transportation Economics (ScienceDirect)

Resources and Energy Economics (ScienceDirect)

Review of Derivatives Research (ProQuest)

Review of Development Economics

Review of Economic Design (ProQuest) 

Review of Economic Dynamics (ScienceDirect) 

Review of Economic Studies (JSTOR)

Review of Economics and Statistics (JSTOR)

Review of Economics of the Household (ProQuest)

Review of Environmental Economics and Policy

Review of Finance (ProQuest)

Review of Financial Studies (EBSCOhost)

Review of Income and Wealth

Review of Industrial Organization (EBSCOhost EJS)

Review of International Economics

Review of International Organizations (ProQuest) 

Review of International Political Economy (JSTOR) 

Review of Keynesian Economics  

Review of Network Economics (EBSCOhost) 

Review of Radical Political Economics  

Review of Social Economy (ProQuest) 

Review of World Economics (ProQuest) 

Revista de Economia Aplicada (ProQuest) 

Revista de Economia Mundial (ProQuest) 

Revista de Historia Economica (ProQuest) 

Revue dEconmie Politique (ProQuest) 

Revue dEtudes Comparatives Est-Ouest  

Revue Economique

Romanian Journal of Economic Forecasting  

Scandinavian Journal of Economics

Science Direct (SciVerse)

Scottish Journal of Political Economy

Seoul Journal of Economics (ProQuest)

Series-Journal of the Spanish Economic Association (Springer)

Singapore Economic Review (EBSCOhost)

Small Business Economics (EBSCOhost EJS)

Social Choice and Welfare(EBSCO Host)

Socio-Economic Planning Sciences(ScienceDirect)

Socio-Economic Review(EBSCOhost)

South African Journal of Economic and Management Sciences(ProQuest)

South African Journal of Economics

Southern Economic Journal (ProQuest)

Spatial Economic Analysis (EBSCOhost)

Statistical Journal of UN Economic Commission for Europe  (EBSCO Host)

Structural Change and Economic Dynamics  (ScienceDirect)

Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics  (EBSCOhost)

Technological and Economic Development of Economy (EBSCOhost)

The American Journal of Economics and Sociology (ProQuest)

The Economist (EBSCO Host)

The Journal of Socio-Economics (EBSCO Host)

The World Bank Economic Review (ProQuest) 

The World Bank Research Observer

Theoretical Economics

Theory and Decision (EBSCOhost EJS)

Tijdschrift Voor Economische en Sciale Geografie (EBSCOhost EJS)

Tourism Economics (EBSCOhost EJS)

Transformations in Business and Economics (EBSCOhost EJS)

Transport Policy (ScienceDirect)

Transportation Research Part A-Policy and Practice (ScienceDirect)

Transportation Research Part B-Methodological (ScienceDirect)

Transportation Research Part E-Logistics and Transportation Review (ScienceDirect)

Trimestre Economico (ProQuest)

Value in Health (ScienceDirect)

Work Employment and Society

World Development (ScienceDirect)

World Development Report 1980,1981, 1983, 1985 – 1996 (Library HC59.7wor 1994)

World Economy

World Trade Review (EBSCOhost)

Zbornik Radova Ekonomskog Fakulteta u Rijeci-Proceedings of Rijeka Faculty of Economics

Zeitschrift fur Wirtschaftsgeographie

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Most of the online journal full-text are provided by several major journal database. Our University has subscribed the most important databases and this enable us to find full-text papers for about 100 key economics journals. Most of them contain papers from their first issue. In this section we also provide the JEL classification and the EconLit, a website provides you search bibliographic information.

Blackwell Publishers at UM)

Another important database contains major economics journal papers.

EBSCO (Available at UM)

Economics Journal on the Web


EconLit (Available at UM)

A powerful search engine created by the American Economic Association.  It can locate almost every economics journal papers.

ProQuest UMI (Available at UM)

JStor (Available at UM)

JSTOR or Journal STORage is one of the important database with full-text journal paper.  Currently, there are 25 leading journals in this site and 8 more is coming.  All papers could be downloaded in PDF format.

Journal of Economic Literature Classification System

ScienceDirect (Available at UM)

There are 77 economics journals available in the site maintained by the Elsevier Publishers.  With the current merge with Ideal, more journal titles are expected.

Cambridge Journals

Gale (Cengage Learning)

LexisNexis (LexisNexis Group)

Oxford Journals (Oxford University Press)

SAGE Jounals (SAGE Publications )

Springer (Springer Science+Business Media)

Tayloy & Francis (Tayloy & Francis Group )



Working papers from universities' and research institutions' scholars are another important source of understanding economic research.

* Eviews, SAS and SPSS are available at UMAC windows applications directory