Yisu ZHOU, Ph.D. 周憶粟

Associate Professor

Faculty of Education, University of Macau











Room 3022, Faculty of Education,

University of Macau, E33,

Av. da Universidade, Taipa, Macau, China


(853) 8822 8722

(853) 8822 2402


https://umac.academia.edu/YisuZhou (curriculum vitae)



Academic Qualifications

·        Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, USA

-       Ph.D., Education Policy, June 2008 - June 2012

·        East China Normal University, Shanghai, China

-       B.S., Statistics, September 2001 - June 2005


Professional PositionS

·        University of Macau, Macau, China

Associate Professor, 2018 - Current

Assistant Professor, 2012 - 2018

·        Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, USA

Teaching Assistant, September 2006 - June 2007

·        Yangguo Township No.1 Middle School, Shaanxi, China

Middle School Teacher, August 2005 - June 2006



Research Interest

·        Educational Policy

·        Education Development in China

·        Comparative Education

·        Economics of Education

·        Teacher Labor Market



Previous Research

·        完善澳門職業教育的策略研究, Macao SAR

-       Principal investigator, April 2013 - December 2013

·        Macao-PISA Center, Macao SAR

-       Team Member of Questionnaire Expert Group & Sampling and Logistics Expert Group, April 2013 - current

·        Regional Educational Laboratory - Midwest, East Lansing, MI, USA

-       Research Associate, September 2007 - May 2012

·        Workforce Development in Developing Countries: A Framework and Tool for Benchmarking Education and Training systems, Washington DC, USA

-       Consultant, June- December, 2010

·        Michigan Consortium for Educational Research, East Lansing, MI, USA

-       Consultant, August 2010 - May 2012

·        Comparative Education Research Project, East Lansing, MI, USA

-       Research Assistant, May 2008 - May 2011




·        Cai, T., Xia, Y., & Zhou, Y. (accepted). Generalized inflated discrete models: A strategy to work with multimodal discrete distributions. Sociological Methods & Research (SSCI)

·        Cai, T., Zhou, Y., Niño, M., & Driver, N. (2018). The school contextual effect of sexual debut on sexual risk-taking: A joint parameter approach. Journal of School Health, 88(3), 200–207 (SSCI)

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·        Zhou, Y. and Wang, D. (2015). The family socioeconomic effect on extra lessons in Greater China: A comparison between Shanghai, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao. The Asia-Pacific Education Researcher, 24(2):363–377. (SSCI)

·        Zhou, Y. (2014). The relationship between school organizational characteristics and reliance on out-of-field teachers in mathematics and science: Cross-national evidence from TALIS 2008. The Asia-Pacific Education Researcher, 23(3):483--497. (SSCI)

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·        Chudgar, A., Luschei, T., & Zhou, Y. (2013) Science and mathematics achievement and the importance of classroom composition: Multi-country analysis using TIMSS 2007. American Journal of Education, 119 (February), 1-23. (SSCI)



·        Liao, W. & Zhou, Y. (forthcoming). Teacher education reform and national developmentin China (1978-2017): Four metaphors. In J. W. Fraser & L. Lefty (Eds.), Teaching the world’s teachers: A history, 1970-2017. Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press

·        Chen, J., Wang, D., & Zhou, Y. (2017). Education for population control: Migrant children’s education under new policies in Beijing. In Y.-K. Cha, J. Gundara, S.-H. Ham, & M. Lee (Eds.), Multicultural Education in Glocal Perspectives: Policy and Institutionalization (pp. 153–166). Springer. doi: 10.1007/ 978-981-10-2222-7_11

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·        Zhou, Y. (2011). Bilingual education in Dongxiang: A new initiative. In G. H. Beckett and G. Postiglione (Eds.), China’s assimilationist language policy: The impact on indigenous/minority literacy and social harmony. London: Routledge.

·       周建明、彭海納、周憶粟 (2006)走進黃羊川。北京: 中國財政經濟出版社


research report

·        Zhou, Y. (2010). Training activities associated with large companies: A case study of selected practices and their evolution in Shanghai. Washington, DC: the World Bank.

·        Zhou, Y., Keesler, V., Konstantopoulos, S., & Schneider, B. (2010). Beyond Compliance: School Composition of Licenses. (Confidential Technical Report 3.2). Michigan Department of Education. East Lansing, MI.

·        Lynn, F., Keesler, V., Diemer, M., Guarino C., Jones, N., Wang, Q., Wyse, A., Zhou, Y., & Schneider, B. (2007). Beyond Compliance: Descriptive Characteristics of Public School Teachers in Michigan. (Confidential Technical Report 1). Michigan Department of Education. East Lansing, MI


Under Review

·        Xia, Y., Zhou, Y., Du, L., & Cai, T. (R & R). Mapping trafficking of women in china: Evidence from court sentences

·        Li, L., Zhou, Y., You, Y., & Li, W. (R & R). Patching up: Intra-provincial equity in education finance

·        Li, T. & Zhou, Y. (under review). Do pay-for-grades programs encourage student cheating? evidence from China

·        Li, L., Zhou, Y., Lo, Y.-j., & Wang, D. (under review). Mixing or grouping? Some considerations of classroom composition for low-ability students in China


Work in Progress

·        Wang, D. & Zhou, Y.  The Moral Cost of Commodification: Rural Teachers in Neoliberal China

·        Wang, D. & Zhou, Y. Building a Teacher Professional Learning Community in a Struggling School: A Case Study in Shanghai, China.

Conference Presentations

·         周憶粟(2017-11比較教育的學科建設:種願景。第四屆海峽兩岸暨港澳地區比較教育論壇。浙江學,杭州,浙江

·         Wang, D. & Zhou, Y. (2017) Corrosion of Professional Ethics: Rural Teachers in Neoliberal China. 112th American Sociological Association Annual Meeting at Montréal, Canada

·         Zhou, Y., Li, H., Hu, B. Y. & Li, L. (2017) On the Road to Universal Early Childhood Education: A Financial Perspective of the Post-2010 Developments in a Western Province of China. 15th Annual Hawaii International Conference on Education 2017 at Honolulu, USA

·         周憶粟、范息濤 (2016) 用實證性研究來指導教育政策的制定和實踐。第四屆兩岸教育學院領導人會議。東北師範大學,吉林,長春。

·         Wang, D. & Zhou, Y. Turning around a struggling school: Professional learning community in China. Comparative International Education Society (CIES) 2016 Annual Meeting at Vancouver, Canada

·         Zhou, Y., Fan, X., Wei, X. X. & Tai, Robert H. Gender Gap among High Achievers in Math and Women in STEM Workforce. Comparative International Education Society (CIES) 2016 Annual Meeting at Vancouver, Canada

·         Zhou, Y. & Wu, J. The Game Plan: Four Contradictions in the Development of World Class Universities from Global South. International Higher Education Studies Conference (IHEC) at Istanbul, Turkey.

·         Zhou, Y. & Wang, D. Time use on learning activities in Chinese societies: A comparative perspective using PISA 2012. Comparative International Education Society (CIES) 2015 Annual Meeting at Washington DC, USA

·         Zhou, Y. & Ei-Lee Wong. Rhetoric and reality of education marketization in Hong Kong: The case of Direct Subsidy Scheme schools. Comparative International Education Society (CIES) 2015 Annual Meeting at Washington DC, USA

·         Wong, Y. L. & Zhou, Y. (2014). In-grade retention as a mechanism reproducing educational inequality? The case of contemporary Macao. American Education Research Association (AERA) 2014 Annual Meeting at Philadelphia, PA, USA.

·         Wang, D & Zhou, Y. (2014). Building a Teacher Professional Learning Community in a Struggling School: A case study in Shanghai, China. Comparative International Education Society (CIES) 2014 Annual Meeting at Toronto, Canada.

·         Zhou, Y. & Wang, D. (2013). The Family Socioeconomic Effect on Extra lessons in Greater China: A Comparison among Shanghai, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao. The Asian Conference on Education at Osaka, Japan.

·         Zhou, Y. (2013). A school perspective of the deployment of out-of-field teachers in math and science: Results from TALIS 2008. American Education Research Association (AERA) 2013 Annual Meeting at San Francisco, CA, USA.

·         Zhou, Y. (2013). The parent gap: Family involvement in private tutoring in Chinese societies, Comparative Education Society of Hong Kong 2013 Annual Meeting.

·         Zhou, Y. (2012). Out-of-field teaching: A cross-national survey of teacher labor market and teacher quality, Comparative International Education Society (CIES) 2012 Annual Meeting at San Juan, Puerto Rico

·         Zhou, Y. (2012). Who controls teachers in school? A cross-national comparison of out-of-field assignment using TALIS, Association for Education Finance and Policy (AEFP) 2012 Annual Meeting at Boston, MA, USA

·         Zhou, Y. (2011). Out-of-field teaching under international context: Evidences from TALIS, Comparative International Education Society (CIES) 2011 Annual Meeting at Montreal, QC Canada

·         Zhou, Y., & Chudgar, A. (2010). Teaching practice and classroom composition: Assessing opportunity gap globally, Comparative International Education Society (CIES) 2010 Annual Meeting at Chicago, IL, USA

·         Chudgar, A., Luschei, T., & Zhou, Y. (2010). Classroom composition and mathematics achievement: Analysis from 25 diverse national contexts using TIMSS 2003, American Education Finance Association (AEFA) 2010 Annual Meeting at Richmond, VA, USA

·         Zhou, Y., & Schneider, B. (2009). Parental financial commitment and student perception on postsecondary education, Research Committee 28 (RC-28) of International Sociological Association on Social Stratification and Mobility Spring 2009 Meeting in Beijing, China

·         Zhou, Y., Chudgar, A., & Luschei, T. (2009) Inequality in school resource distribution and student performance in mathematics and science: A five-country analysis using TIMSS 2003 data, Comparative International Education Society (CIES) 2009 Annual Meeting at Charleston, SC, USA

·         Song, T., Zhou, Y., & Zheng, Y. (2008) Teacher qualification and students’reading growth in early childhood, American Education Research Association (AERA) 2008 Annual Meeting in New York City, NY, USA


Media Appearance

·        周憶粟(2018-01-20)男生和女生:誰的學習成就更高?。知識份子&謬斯夫人 (Link)

·        周憶粟(2017-09-21)。“讓63% 的農村孩子上高中”並非中國教育發展的答案,兼答羅斯高教授。澎湃新聞 (Link)

·        周憶粟 (2016-09-21)。教育不是解決中產焦慮的唯一路徑。中國新聞週刊(774) (Link)

·        周憶粟 (2016-09-12)。解決中產教育焦慮危機的鑰匙在教育體系之外。澎湃新聞 (Link)

·        周憶粟 & 潘毅 (2016-05-22, 採訪)。高考制度從來不公平,也無法再做社會公平的遮羞布。新京報書評 (Link)

·        周憶粟 (2015-11-04)。流入地政府的無奈———制約隨遷子女教育問題解決的多重因素。人民政協報-教育線上 (Link)

·        周憶粟 (2015-06-03)。教育市場的政治社會學——關於教育的5個為什麼。澎湃新聞 & 破土雜誌 (Link)


Professional Services

·        University of Macau

o   Committee member

-       University Senate, Faculty of Education Representative, 2014 – current

-       Executive Committee, University Academic Staff Association, 2014- 2016

-       University library committee, 2013- current

-       Institutional Review Board (Sub-Panel on Social Science & Humanities), 2015 – current

-       Research committee, Faculty of Education, 2015 – current

-       Assessment Panel for Faculty Level Academic Award, 2016 – current

-       PhD Dean’s list selection committee, Faculty of Education, 2014 – current

-       Master of Education selection committee (standby member), 2013– current

o   Work group

-       General education (Global Awareness Division), 2016

-       Improving students’ residential college experience, 2015

o   Speaker

-       FED lunch research series, Using Large-scale Assessment and Survey in Education Research, May 2016

-       教育市場化的意外後果:以香港為例2000-2012,上海大學社會學系, March 2016

-       Department of Sociology Luncheon Seminar (with Tianji Cai), March 2015

-       Tea with Professor, UM Future studies & placement event, 2015 – current

-       FED lunch research series, Assessing Education Marketization in Hong Kong: The case of Direct Subsidy Schools, Jan 2015

-       Faculty of Education lunch research series, UM, Using Public Data for Education Research: PISA and Other Resources, March 2013

·        Professional organization

-       Reviewer, AERA Division-K, 2012- current

-       Lecturer, Hierarchical Linear Modeling with Large-Scale International Databases at CIES Annual Meeting, March 2015

·        澳門特別行政區教育暨青年局教學設計獎勵計劃

-       研究組專案評審, 2013 - current

·        Lichang: Dialogues on Education. An online Chinese education journal

-       Editor and Contributor, March 2009 – Current

·        Journal of Education and Humanities: Theory and Practice (Eğitim ve İnsani Bilimler Dergisi: Teori ve Uygulama)

-       Editor Board, June 2017 – Current

·        Journal Reviewer

-       American Educational Research Journal, Asia Pacific Journal of Education, Asia-Pacific Education Researcher, Child & Youth Care Forum, China Quarterly, Education & Science, Chinese Sociological Review, Educational Administration Quarterly, Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, Education Policy Analysis Archives, Educational Researcher, Employee Relations, Frontiers of Education in China, International Journal of Educational Development, International Journal of Quantitative Research in Education, International Review of Education, Journal of Early Childhood Research, Journal of Teacher Education, Teaching and Teacher Education, Urban Education.



Scholarly Membership

·        Comparative International Education Society

·        Association of Education Finance and Memberships Policy

·        Society for Research on Educational Effectiveness

·        American Educational Research Association

·        中國教育發展戰略學會教育財政專業委員



Honors and Awards

·        Professional

-       2015 Outstanding Reviewer for Educational Researcher of American Educational Research Association

-       2014 Journal of Research in Childhood Education Distinguished Research Article Award

·        University of Macau

-       Faculty Service Award 2017/2018

-       Faculty Outstanding Academic Staff 2016/2017

·        Michigan State University

-       Nominated for the University Council for Educational Administration’s David L. Clark Graduate Research Seminar in educational administration and policy, College of Education, Michigan State University, 2012

-       Dissertation Completion Fellowship, $6000, College of Education, Michigan State University, 2011-2012

-       Doctoral Fellowship for Enhancing Global Understanding, $3250, College of Education, Michigan State University, 2011

-       Pre-Dissertation Research Fellowship, $2000, Education Policy Center, Michigan State University, 2010

-       Summer Research Fellowship, $6000, College of Education, Michigan State University, 2010

-       The Anderson-Schwille Fellowship in International Education, $2850, Michigan State University, 2009-2010

-       Summer Research Development Fellowship, $5000, College of Education, Michigan State University, 2009

-       Education Policy Program Recruitment Fellowship, $5000, College of Education, Michigan State University, 2008-2009

-       S. C. Lee Best Paper Award, $500, Asian Study Center, Michigan State University, 2008

-       Spencer Summer Small Research Grant, $1000, 2007

·        East China Normal University

-       Award for Academic Excellence, 2002-2003

-       Award for Academic Excellence, 2001-2002

·        Others

-       Selected for New Scholar Workshop (NSW) of Comparative International Education Society (CIES) 2010 Annual Meeting at Chicago, IL, USA




1.       Comparative & International Education (Graduate level): EDAD756

2.       Education Research Method (Graduate level): EDUC701

3.       Education & Globalization (General education): GEGA007

4.       Educational Research (Undergraduate level): PREI304/405