Yuen Yi LO, Ph.D. 羅婉儀

Associate Professor

Faculty of Education, University of Macau











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Room 3019, Faculty of Education,

University of Macau, E33,

Av. Da Universidade, Taipa, Macau, China



(853) 8822 8718

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·            PhD in Fine Arts, Wimbledon School of Art, University of Surrey, UK 



·            Visual arts, practice and conceptual thinking; Visual arts education



·            Drawing practice; Art and ethnography; Oral history; Women’s studies; Creative writing 



Refereed Journal Articles

·            Lo, Yuen-yi (2017). A drawing project and beyond – an artist’s project. In Visual Resources – An International Journal on Images and Their Uses, Volume 33, 2017, Issue 3-4, pp. 385-418. Print ISSN: 0197-3762 Online ISSN: 1477-2809 (HII; BHA; OCLC)

·            Lo, Yuen-yi (2016). Research praxis in drawing: the visible and the invisible “Chineseness” – An exploration through Chinese language and the matriarchal writing script, nüshu. In Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art, Volume 3 Numbers 1 & 2, pp. 153-168. ISSN 2051-7041 (Intellect Publishers)

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·            Lo, Yuen-yi. (2011). A practice of difference – uncovering women’s space with nüshu, women’s script. In The International Journal of the Arts in Society, Volume 5, 2011, 41-55. (Cabell's Directory in Educational Psychology & Administration; Ulrich's Periodicals Directory)



·            Lo, Yuen-yi (2017). Beautiful Era – 21 Letters to the Artists. (Beijing: Xiron Publications) 264 pp.

·            Lo, Yuen-yi (2017). Beautiful Era – 21 Letters to the Artists. (Electronic book) (Beijing: Xiron Publications)

·            Lo, Yuen-yi (2013). Love Messages across the Centuries: 21 Letters to Parisian Artists (Homeward Publishing, Taipei. China) 192 pp.

·            Lo, Yuen-yi (2012). Drawing the Writing (Kubrick Publisher, Hong Kong. China) 432 pp.

·            Lo, Yuen-yi (2011). A Room (Ox Warehouse, Macau. China)

·            Lo, Yuen-yi (2003). A Journal of Nüshu, Women’s Script (Association for the Advancement of Feminism, Hong Kong. China) 287 pp.

·            Li, Dinu, Lo, Yuen-yi, Mo, Yue-lai & So, Pamela (2002). Ten Thousand Li, Chinese In/Fusion in Contemporary British Culture (Liverpool: Liverpool John Moores University).


Books Edited

·            Lo, Yuen-yi (2007)(exe ed). Colours of Peace. Chan Shun-hing (ed) (Beijing: Central Compilation & Translation Press) 1093 pp.




Solo Exhibitions

·            Drawing through Objects. Online exhibition. http://www.yuenyilo.net/drawingobjects

·            Dwelling on Objects – Fragments Drawn by Yuen-yi Lo. Macao Arts Window, Macao Museum of Art. Macao. China. 2016.

·            Traces. Online Exhibition. 2015. http://www.yuenyilo.net/traces

·            Traces (Part II). Central Courtyard, Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre, Hong Kong. China. 2014.

·            Traces (Part I). CCA Art Gallery, Education University, Hong Kong. China. 2014.

·            A Drawing Project & Beyond. Online Exhibition. 2014. http://www.yuenyilo.net/room/

·            A Room (Part II). Ox Warehouse, Macau. China. 2011.

·            A Room (Part I). Bamboo Curtain Studio, Taipei, Taiwan. China. 2011.

·            The Invisible ‘Flâneuse’. Conference Room, Faculty of Social Science, Chinese University, Hong Kong. China. 2010.

·            She’s a Fragment and a Whole. The Centre for Drawing, London, UK. 2005.

·            The Legend, Sealed and Unsealed. 2003-2004. Hong Kong. China.

(Part I) Lam Woo International Conference Centre, Hong Kong Baptist University.

(Part II) Department of Cultural Studies, Hong Kong Lingnan University.

(Part III) Fong Sum Wood Library, Hong Kong Lingnan University.

(Part IV) Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre.

·            A Piece of Women’s Script. The Photography Gallery, Hong Kong Arts Centre. China. 2000.


Group Exhibitions

·            Open Future. Creative Macau, Centre for Creative Industries. Macau. China. August 2018.

·            The First Higher Education Fine Arts Exhibition in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. University City Art Museum of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. China. July 2018.

·            Affordable Art Fair. Convention Centre. Hong Kong. China. 2016.

·            Homage to Masters Who Inspired Us. Ox Warehouse. Macau. China. 2015.

·            Lam Yue-hang’s Exhibition and Invitation. Library Gallery, Central Library, Hong Kong. China. 2013.

·            Macau Creative Pavilion. The 16th Macao International Trade & Investment Fair (MIF), Venetian Hotel, Macau. China. 2011.

·            Light Up. Rat’s Cave & Haji Gallery, Hong Kong. China. 2011.

·            Fringe III (Performance). Eslite Bookshop, Taipei, Taiwan. China. 2011.

·            Fringe II. ARC Café, Taipei, Taiwan. China. 2011.

·            Fringe I (Performance). Kubrick Bookstore, Hong Kong. China. 2010.

·            Drawing Viewpoints. The Main Gallery Uni Glos, Pittville, Cheltenham, UK. 2006.

·            Ten Thousand Li. A touring exhibition in the UK: Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool; Collins Gallery, Glasgow; Folly Gallery, Lancaster; Impressions Gallery, York; Photofusion Gallery, London; Museum of Lincolnshire Life, Lincoln. 2002-2004.

·            Big Draw Campaign. The Chinese Gallery, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK. 2002.

·            Cultural Resolution. A & D Gallery, London, UK. 2002.



Internal research grants (all acting as Principal Investigator) offered by the Research & Development Administration Office, University of Macau:

·            Drawing praxis: an exploration of its language and its significance in art/education. 2017-2018.

·            Art & in(ter)vention: mapping the local & the global. 2015-2016.

·            An investigation on the audio-visual narratives portrayed by some elderly women in Macau. 2010-2014.

·            A passage to the forgotten: a research on the heritage of ethnography. 2011-2014.

·            Drawing the writing. 2011-2012.



The Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica, Taiwan. China. January 1 – May 31, 2018.



·            Beautiful Era – 21 Letters Written to the Artists. One of the 33 picks of ‘Chinese Good Books’, Téngxùn Shāngbào (May 2017).

·            Dwelling on Objects – Fragments Drawn by Yuen-yi Lo. Exhibition grant. Macao Arts Window. Museum of Art, Macau. China. 2016.

·            Drawing the Writing. Hong Kong Best Award (Books/Hong Kong), Hong Kong DA Global Design Awards. China. 2013.

·            Drawing the Writing. Silver Award (Books/Global), Hong Kong DA Global Design Awards. China. 2013.

·            Drawing the Writing. Nominated by Kubrick Publisher for ‘Award for Best Artist (Literary Arts)’, Hong Kong Arts Development Awards, Hong Kong. China. 2013.

·            Drawing the Writing. Nominated by Kubrick Publisher for ‘The 12th Hong Kong Biennial Awards for Chinese Literature’, Hong Kong. China. 2013.

·            She is one and all – writing nüshu, women’s script in an autobiography. Selected to be one of the 17 articles in New Writing 10th Anniversary Collection, Taylors & Francis Online. 2013.

·            Exhibition Grant. Arts Development Council, Hong Kong. China. 2004.

·            Overseas Research Student Award. Overseas Research Students Awards Scheme, UK. 2003-2005.

·            Scholarship Award. Nancy Balfour Trust. UK. 2003.

·            Travel Grant. Rootstein Hopkins Foundation. UK. 2002.

·            Scholarship Award. The British Chevening Scholarship. UK. 2001.

·            Highly Commended. Freeze Framed – A Moment of Drawing, The Millinery Works, London, UK. 1999.

·            The First Prize. Wimbledon Studios Postgraduate Drawing Award, UK. 1998.



·            Reviewer. World Art.

·            Reviewer. Thinking Skills and Creativity.

·            Editorial board member. The International Journal of the Arts in Society.

·            Member. Centre for Creative Industries (CCI), Macau.

·            Member. Hong Kong Society for Education in Art (HKSEA).

·            Member. Association for the Advancement of Feminism (AAF), Hong Kong.

·            Member. Asia Art Archive (AAA).