Keang-ieng Peggy VONG, Ph.D.

黃鏡英 博士

Associate Professor

Early Childhood Education and Child Development

Faculty of Education, University of Macau  









Room 3010, Faculty of Education,

University of Macau, E33,

Av. da Universidade, Taipa, Macau, China

(853) 8822 8743

(853) 8822 2402



Academic Qualifications

·           2005         Ph.D. in Educational Studies, University of London, U.K. (Title of thesis: Towards a Creative Early Childhood Programme in Zhuhai-SER AND Macao-SAR of the People’s Republic of China)

·           1995         M.Sc. in Child Development, University of London, U.K. (Title of Thesis: A Cross-Cultural Study on British and Chinese Children’s Conception of Friendship

·           1993         B.A. in Psychology (with Distinction), University of Hawaii at Manoa, U.S.A.

·           1985         High School Certificate, Sacred Heart Canossian College, Macao


Specialisation and interest

Dr. K. I. (Peggy) Vong earned her degrees in the U.S. and U.K. She has an academic background in Developmental Psychology, Child Development, and Educational Studies. Her experiences in Early Childhood Education covers teaching at the University level, research, and government project co-ordination. Dr. Vong’s earlier research focused on concepts of friendship across cultures, Macao Chinese parents’ beliefs and conceptions of children’s creativity, and impact of different pedagogies on promoting children’s creativity in disparate learning contexts, including Macao and mainland China. She has also written about policy and practice of kindergarten education in Macao, cross-cultural comparisons of preschool teacher education programmes (mainland China and Sweden), challenges in establishing kindergarten systems in rural areas, and the status of play curricula in Chinese kindergartens in mainland China.  More recently, she has extended her earlier research ideas to studying the ecological systems of education for minority ethnic groups and understanding the socio-cultural factors of creativity in relation to Early Childhood Education in mainland China.


Courses TAUGHT

Graduate Programme in Educational Psychology

1.      Advanced Developmental Psychology


Graduate Programme in Early Childhood Education and Human Development

2.      Cognition and Learning in the Early Years

3.      Child Play Studies


Undergraduate Programme in Pre-primary Education

1.  Early Childhood Development

2.  Child Development

3.  Children’s Mathematical Activities

4.  Experimental Teaching

5.  Play and Learning

6.  Integrative and Creative Teaching

7.  Assessing Young Children

8.  Classroom Learning Environment - Design and Planning

9.  Teaching Practice I


supervisory work

Graduate Programme in Early Childhood Education and Human Development

-          Master’s thesis supervision


Undergraduate Programme in Pre-primary Education

-          Teaching Practice Supervision


Awards and scholarships

July 2006                     A conference paper was ranked as 1st Tier article by the

                                    conference organizing committee

August 2000                Granted a three-year scholarship by UNESCO (Macao) for

                              Ph.D. study

August 1994                Granted a one-year scholarship by DSEJ for Master’s


Fall 1991 -

Spring 1993                 Granted the Pacific Scholarship by the University of Hawaii at

                                     Manoa for Undergraduate study

Spring 1990 -

Spring 1991                 On Dean’s list at Baruch College, New York City, New York


Administrative POSITIONS

·       2017 - 2018               Gender Equity Officer (Acting), University of Macau

·       2009 - 2011               Convenor of the Master’s Programme in Early Childhood

                                           Education and Human Development, Faculty of  

                                           Education, University of Macau

·        2013 - 2014               Co-ordinator of the Bachelor’s Programme in Pre-primary

    2005 - 2006                       Education, Faculty of Education, University of

    2002 - 2003                       Macau




·           Member of the Psychology Society, Macao

·           Member of the National Preschool Education Commission, China



Major services rendered to the local community


01/09/2016 – 30/06//2018

Consultant, assisted a local kindergarten (unpaid) to execute a new wave of curriculum reform through introducing alternative assessment concepts and methods into the programme, other than traditional means such as tests and examinations. 


01/09/2008 – 31/08/2010

Convenor, commissioned by DSEJ (paid) to lead a team to draft the first Guideline for Kindergarten Curriculum in Macau-SAR. The revised version of the Guideline is still in effect.


01/09/2000 – 31/08/2008

Inspector, of the School Assessment Scheme headed by DSEJ (paid). This scheme was launched in accordance with quality assurance exercise of kindergartens in Macau. 


01/09/1996 – 31/08/1998

Member, of the curriculum reform team led by DSEJ to draft the first Teaching and Learning Plan for Kindergarten Education prior to the establishment of Macao SAR. The documents came out in print in June 1999, just six months before the handover of Macau from the Portuguese regime to the Chinese regime. 




Completed Research Projects

Visiting Fellowship

·           September to October 2010                    Visiting Professor at Lanzhou City

                                                                    College, Gansu Province, China


·           June 2016 to July 2016                            

               Nov 2010 to Jan 2011                            Visiting Fellow at Malmö       

 Högskola, Sweden

Selected Publications

Books/Edited books 


Book chapters



Forthcoming journal articles


Vong, K. I. P., Cheng, D. P. W., & Vong, S. K. (under preparation). De-mystifying normative cohesiveness of high-quality preschool teacher education in China. Teaching and Teacher Education (SSCI)

Lu, S. Y., Vong, K. I. P., & Leung, S. O. (under preparation). Indirect effects of parenting style towards the relationship between maternal personality and children’s creativity. Thinking Skills and Creativity. (SSCI)


Vong, K. I. P., Leung, S. O., & Mak, M. C. K. (under review). Age vs. Gender and Sibling factors: Schooling experiences as a social-contextual effect on developmental trends of young children’s creativity. Creativity Research Journal. (SSCI)


Wang, C. Y., Vong, K. I. P., & Hu, B. Y. (reviewed and resubmitted). Re-visiting the teacher-centreness phenomenon: Upon Chinese kindergarten teachers’ metaphors of child, teacher, curriculum. Pedagogies: An International Journal.

Wang, Y., Sung, M. C., & Vong, K. I. P. (reviewed and resubmitted). The foreign moon is fuller: Chinese academics’ perception of internationalization. Compare: A Journal of Comparative and International Education (SSCI)


Published International and refereed journal articles


Hu, B. Y., Ren, J., LoCasale-Crouch, J., Roberts, S. K., Yang, Y., & Vong, K. I. P. (2018). Chinese kindergarten teachers’ use of instructional support strategies during whole-group language lessons. Teaching and Teacher Education, 70, Pp 34-46. (SSCI)

Vong, K. I., Cheng, D. P. W., Kam, C. K., Liu, K., & Hu, H. P. (2017). Effects of high- activity and high-energy level play vs. low-activity and low-energy level play on preschool boys and girls. Creative Education, 8, 2377-2392.  

Vong, K. I. P. & Li, M. Y. (2016). Challenges in establishing kindergarten education system in villages of Guizhou, China – A preliminary study. South Africa Journal of Childhood Education. 6 (2), a445, Pp 1-10, (ESCI)


Cheng, D. P. W., Reunamo, J., Cooper, P., Liu, K., & Vong, K. I. P. (2015): Children's agentive orientations in play-based and academically focused preschools in Hong Kong, Early Child Development and Care, Special Issue: Early Childhood Pedagogy. Vol. 185 (11-12), Pp 1818-1844. (ASCI)


Vong, K. I., Hu, B. Y., & Xia, Y. P. (2015). Different moves, similar outcomes: A comparison of Chinese and Swedish curriculum preschool teacher education programmes and the revisions. Compare: A Journal of Comparative and International Education. 45 (6), Pp 840-862. (SSCI)


Hu, B. Y., Vong, K. I., & Mak, M. C. K. (2015). An evaluation of China’s kindergarten quality rating system through Chinese early childhood environment rating scale – the Zhejian case. Early Years: An International Research Journal. 35 (1), Pp 50-66. (BEI)


Hu, B. Y., Vong, K. I., Chen, Y. W., & Li, K. J. (2015). Expert Practitioner’s Views about the Chinese Early Childhood Programme Rating Scale (CECPRS). European Early Childhood Research Journal. 23 (2), Pp 229-249. (SSCI)


Vong, K. I. (2012). Play – a multi-modal manifestation in kindergarten education in China. Early Years: An International Research Journal. 32(1), 35-48. (BEI)


Vong, K. I. (2008). Developing creativity and promoting social harmony the relationship between government, school and parents’ perceptions of children’s creativity in Macao SAR, China. Early Years: An International Research Journal 28(2). Pp 149-158. (BEI)


Sophian, C., & Vong, K. I. (1995). The parts and wholes of arithmetic story problems: Developing knowledge in the preschool years. Cognition and Instruction, 13, 469-477. (SSCI)


Sophian, C., Wood, A., & Vong, K. I. (1995). Making numbers count: The early development of numerical inferences. Developmental Psychology, 31, 263-273. (SSCI)




Core journal articles

·           黃鏡英 (2010)。持續發展中的澳門特區幼教事業。《幼兒教育(教育科學)》。第4期(總第472期)。2528

              [Vong, K. I. (2010). Developing Early Childhood Education in Macao SAR. Early Childhood Education (Educational Sciences). No.4 (General No.472). Pp 25-28.]


Local journal articles

·           黃鏡英2006)。軟性的親職教育。《教師雜誌》。15。頁5457

        [Vong, K. I. (2006). A ‘soft’ parent education. Teacher’s Magazine. Education and Youth Bureau, Macao Special Administrative Region. Issue 15. Pp 54-57]



Other publication – children’s English Story books

·           A series of six children’s English story books which are text books suitable for children aged three to six years old was published by the University of Macau. This collection is one of the deliverables of the completed research project on English-story telling in multicultural classrooms.



Conference papers

Vong, K. I. P., & Cheng, D. P. W. (2017). High quality preschool teacher education in north-western China: A normative cohesiveness perspective. Paper presented at the PECERA Conference. Cebu, The Philippines. July 7-9.

Wang, Y., Sung, M. C., & Vong, K. I. P. (2017). Diversity and Multiculturalism in the Internationalization of Global Higher Education. Paper presented at the Annual Conference of the Comparative Education Society of Hong Kong (CESHK), The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK). Hong Kong SAR, China. March 24 – 25.


Liu, K., Cheng, P. H., & Vong, K. I. P. (2015). Liberating teachers’ thinking = liberating children’s learning: professional journey for teacher’s change. Paper presented at Quality Childhood Conference International (QCCI): Enhancing Quality Childhood Education: Synergizing Global Efforts. Hong Kong SAR, China. June 17-19.


Wang, Y., Wu, J. T., Sung, M.C., & Vong, K. I. P. (2015). Internationalizing or internationalized? Rethinking knowledge production in higher Education in Post-Neo-Colonial Macau. Paper presented at PESA (Philosophy of Education Society of Australia) Conference. Melbourne, Australia. Dec. 5 – 8.


Liu, K., Lau, C, D., Cheng, D. P. W., & Vong, K. I. P. (2015). Transforming teachers, transforming learning, unpacking the triple Cs pedagogy: A case study in Hong Kong. Paper presented in Featured Session of the 67th OMEP International Conference. Washington D.C.. July 27 – August 1.


Vong, K. I., Cheng, D. P. W., Liu, K., & Wu, H. P. (2014). Different modes of play and its relationship with children’s creativity: A Hong Kong study. Paper presented at the 66th OMEP World Assembly and International Conference. Cork, Ireland. July 2 – 5.


Vong, K. I. (2014). Professional judgement in curriculum decision making: Chinese and Swedish preschool teacher education programme revisions. Paper presented at the Annual Conference of Comparative Education Society of Hong Kong (CESHK) Hong Kong University. Hong Kong SAR, China. February 28 – March 1.


Vong, K. I. (2013). Creativity: The reflection of a child’s learning experiences. Paper presented at the 8th International Conference on Imagination and Education. Vancouver B.C., Canada. July 10 – 13.


Liu, K., Cheng, D. P. W., & Vong, K. I. P. (2013). Examining Early learning in 3Cs (Creativity, Collaborating and Communication) vs 3Rs (Roading, Writing & Arithmetics) Classrooms. PECERA 2013 Conference. Seoul, Korea. July 4 -6.


Vong, K. I. (2011). Curriculum and Pedagogy in Multicultural Classrooms: creative and collaborative story telling in Macau SAR, China. Paper presented at the 63rd OMEP World Conference, Hong Kong Institute of Education. Hong Kong SAR, China. July 7 – 9.


Vong, K. I. (2010). Challenges in establishing kindergarten education system in villages of Guizhou, China – A preliminary study. Paper presented at the 12th Annual International Conference Education. Athens, Greece. May 24 -27.


周淑惠、黃鏡英、李思敏(2009)。小嘗試大深意探究性課程與教學之初探與輔導者省思 。華人社會的教育發展系列研討會「課程與教學改進」論文集。澳門大學,教育學院。十一月二十二至二十四日。

[Chou, S.H., Vong, K. I., & Lei, S. M. (2009). One small step makes a big difference – an exploratory research on inquiry-oriented curriculum and pedagogy and the reflective thinking of advisors. Paper presented at the 2008 Conference Series on Education Development in Chinese Society – Curriculum and Instruction (paper included in the
Conference Proceedings
). Faculty of Education, University of Macau. November 22 - 24.]


黃鏡英2008)。幼稚園課程及教學創新-珠海與澳門的經驗 。《全球化趨勢下的教學革新與展望-兩岸四地學術研討會論文集》。五月二十九至三十日。新竹教育大學:台灣。

[Vong, K. I. (2008). Innovation in kindergarten curriculum and pedagogy – experiences in Zhuhai SER and Macao SAR. Paper presented at the Educational Reform and Prospects under Globalisation – Academic Conference of the Two Straits and Four Regions (paper included in conference proceedings). Taiwan Hsinchu University of Education. May 29 – 30]


Vong, K. I. (2008). Policy and Practice – scenario of private kindergartens in Macao SAR, China. Paper presented at the 7th O.M.E.P. (Hong Kong) International Conference, Hong Kong Institute of Education. May 22 – 24.


Vong, K. I. (2007). New challenges of home-school partnership for kindergartens with Filipino children – the Macao SAR case. Paper presented at the 3rd International Symposium on Quality Education, Faculty of Education, University of Macau. November 14 – 15.



[Vong, K. I. (2006). The transformation of pedagogies and its directive functions for child development – cases from two special regions of China. Paper presented at the 4th Annual Conference of the International Society of Chinese Application Psychology (awarded first class paper certification). Lasa of Tibet, China. August 4 - 6.]


黃鏡英2006)。伴隨著培養澳門小學教師的議題 。《第一屆師資培育課程與教學論壇-教學基本能力論文集》。十一月十一日。台北教育大學:台灣。

[Vong, K. I. (2006). Issues accompanying primary school teacher education in Macau. Paper presented at the 1st Forum for Curriculum and Instruction of Teacher Education – the basic competence in teaching (paper included in conference proceedings). Taipei Education University: Taiwan. November 11.]


Kelen, C., & Vong, K. I. (2006). Creativity and social harmony in early childhood curriculum for Macao SAR. Paper presented at the 2nd Cross-Strait Conference on Public Administration: Policy Challenges in the 21st Century. University of Macau, China. May 12.


Vong, K. I. (2005). Towards a creative early childhood program in Zhuhai SER and Macau SAR of the People’s Republic of China. Paper presented at the Documenting Creativity Symposium. Cambridge, England. April 4 - 5.


Vong, K. I. (2004). Teachers’ life histories and pedagogical approaches. Paper presented at the 1st Hawaii International Conference on Education. January. Honolulu, USA.




























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