Course Catalog


Doctoral Degree Programme

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Master's Degree Programmes

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Curriculum and Instruction (CCI)
(without selected area of concentration)


Curriculum and Instruction
(with selected area of concentration)
- Science Education (SCE) (not offer in 2019/2020)
-Information and Communication Technology in Education (ICE)
(not offer in 2019/2020)
- Chinese Language Education (CHE) (not offer in 2019/2020)
- Mathematics Education (MAE) (not offer in 2019/2020)
- English Language Education (ENE)


Educational Administration

Early Childhood Education and Child Development

Educational Psychology

Physical Education and Sports Studies

School Counselling (not offer)


Bachelor's Degree Programmes - Daytime

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Secondary Education

    - Chinese

    - English

Primary Education

Pre-primary Education

Minor Programmes

    - Teaching of History
    - Music
    - Visual Art
    - Information Technology in Education
    - Science Education

Postgraduate Certificate / Diploma in Education - Evening
(Daytime not offer

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Bachelor's Degree Programmes (2-year Suppplementary Programmes) - Evening

Primary Education

Pre-Primary Education