Current PhD Students


Tentative Thesis Title

Wai Kei CHAN

Effective Feedback of Well Designed Formative Assessments (tentative)

Sitong CHEN

Development of the Science Identity Survey and its application in measuring the effects of STEM programs for middle school students (tentative)


Factors Influencing Chinese EFL Middle School Students’ Incidental Vocabulary Acquisition Through Graded Readers (tentative)

Haimin DAI

Exploring Female University Teachers' Intention of Pursuing Doctorate Education

Jiaxi HU

Research of the Chinese Physical Education Policy: in the View of Quality Physical Education (tentative)


Promoting Elementary School Students' Interest in Language Learning through Online Collaborative Learning Activities


The Measurement of Critical Thinking of Chinese students (tentative)

Ka Lai LAM

Relationships between willpower, grit and goal orientation among Chinese emerging adults– depression and anxiety as mediators (tentative)

Sao San LEI

Media multitasking among young people: perceptions, behaviors and predictors (tentative)

Hong LI

The impact of reading strategy instructions on SLA learners in China: reading performance, motivation, and gender differences (tentative)

Yuanhua LI

Explore the Relation between Preschool Climate and Preschool Education Quality


Fangtong LIU

Student engagement in Chinese university CLIL courses (tentative)

Xuan LIU

Cultural Heritage Education of Hong Kong and Macao Youth from the Perspective of Coss-cultural Communication (tentative)

Shuyang LU

mediation and moderation effects of parenting style towards the relationship between maternal personality and creativity (tentative)

Shengyan SUN

Effect of hypoxic / normoxic moderate-intensity continuous training and high-intensity interval training on irisin and IL-15 level and the molecular mechanism with the change of body composition (tentative)

Liqin TONG

A Study on the Implementation of Foreign Language Education Policy in China (tentative)

Yuntao TSANG

Insight into Characteristics of English Vocabulary that Affect Vocabulary Acquisition and Retention of Mainland Chinese (tentative)

Rujia WEN

A Research of the Teaching Materials from Newly Excavated Document of Legalist’s School in Pre-Chin China

Chenggang WU

Role of morphological land phonological awareness of learning Japanese as third language for Chinese-English bilinguals (tentative)

Yiqin XU

Facilitating Chinese EFL learners’ argumentative writing by collaborative multimodal composition

Wensi YANG (Sylvia)

Young Children's Reading (tentative)


Motivation in MOOCs: a comparative analysis of online learners and conventional learners (tentative)


The Development and Initial Validation of a Task-Technology Fit Scale of Visualization Tool in Higher Education (tentative)


Student Engagement with Written Corrective Feedback in EFL Writing