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The Centre for Information & Communication Technology in Education (CICTE) was established in December 2001. The goal of CICTE is to promote research and development of information technology in education. In order to actively promote information technology education, the center will focus on work exchange, training, consulting and research. The center, through research, development, demonstration and practice, to explore how information technology effectively applied to teaching and learning in Macau. In addition, the center will actively explore the development trend of IT in education, so as to increase the ability of information technology education in Macau.


Vision and Mission

1. To provide a platform for dialogue ICT education for educators;

2. Information and communication technology in education research and published the results in a seminar or academic journals;

3. Organize events or seminars for local teachers, strengthen teacher education in the field of information and communications technology education;

4. Promotion of Information and Communication Technology applied to primary and secondary education.



Lectures and Seminars

The Center regularly through academic exchanges and seminars, to fully understand the trends in information and communication technology in education development, sought to good ideas in the field of information and communications technology in education, and to explore how to solve the problems of teaching and application, the promotion of information and Macau ICT education development, in order to further enhance Macau ICT education to prepare.




The computer room (E33-3042) located on the 3rd floor of the Faculty of Education, equipped with personal computers installed with Windows 10 operating system and general application software, able to cope with the different modes of teaching and classroom organization.



Important Notice

The operating system of each PC in the computer room will be restored to the original settings after rebooting the PC.

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