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New Membership System

Silver Member

  • All first year Gaming and Hospitality Management students are entitle to be the silver members in the first year
  • All students can also apply the membership through TCHS

Gold Member

  • Any silver member who earns at least 5 points in one semester or year can be upgrade to Gold member

Platinum Member

  • Year 3 or above
  • Maintain gold member status for at least 2 years

Contact us for Application!

membership system

Upcoming Events

Don't miss any opportunities that you can receive by attending the events of Tourism, Convention and Hospitality Society! Keep an eye on our latest event schedule on our website and facebook!

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Bachelor of Science Degree in Hospitality and Gaming Management (HGM)

HGM is a dynamic program that covers the studies of both gaming and hospitality, the first of this kind in Macao. To offer quality University training in this particular area, our curriculum has been designed especially for those who would like to strive for professional development with an ambition to excel at the managerial level.

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